Commit to No Excuses

Excuses are everywhere. I know as much as anyone that success is hard work. If it were easy everyone would have it. Massive success takes hard work, dedication, and commitment. Pick any 10 billionaires and they will all say the same thing.  You aren’t going to create success working part time on the internet because there is no short cut.  It takes long hours.  Real success beyond basic needs always requires a big commitment.

Excuse makers don’t commit.  They think about reasons why they did or didn’t do something.  Typically, excuses will fall into one of several categories.  Catch yourself before saying any of these:

  1. I’m too old” or “I’m too young”—Nobody has ever asked me how old I was when I got my first loan, when I wrote my first book, or when I did my first seminar. Why are you thinking about age?  Does it matter if you are 25 or 55?  You are thinking about limitations.  Stop making excuses and look to get outside of yourself.  Nobody cares about how old you are!  When you say you are too old or young you are giving people reasons why you can’t do something.  Alexander the Great started conquering the world as a teenager and Colonel Sanders didn’t sell chicken until his sixties.


  1. Money won’t make you happy”—This is the go-to excuse for people who have given up on building any real wealth. How would they know if money can make anyone happy?  They don’t have any!  It’s basically saying “I’m broke, and I’m trying to make sense of it.”  Cents is all they have, because they make no sense of money.  It’s like the child who can’t get the toy will say, “I didn’t want it anyway”.  If you can’t get what you wanted, you start making excuses as if you never wanted it in the first place.  Money will give you options, give you choices, and solve problems.  Oh, and money won’t make you unhappy either.  If you hear someone say this, just know that they couldn’t get money, so now they are trying to make sense of not having it.


  1. “I’ll be happy when…”—This excuse always puts the blame of not being happy NOW with the idea that something or someone else is the magical missing ingredient. I’ll be happy when I get married, when I get divorced, when I get a job, when I get a different job, when the weekend comes, when I get rich…and so on.  Look, if you are not happy now it’s because of you, not your circumstances.  This excuse is used by the person who doesn’t take responsibility for his or her happiness.   It’s waiting for something to happen to you rather than doing something to make happiness.  You need to decide to be happy.  Bad things happen, disappointments come, and rejection is everywhere on planet Earth.  “I’ll be happy when” is said by people who don’t realize they are the problem—and the solution.


Learn to commit first, and figure out things later. Most people simply never bother to perform and instead spend their time trying to wrap their heads around things that may never happen for them and make excuses for why they shouldn’t act.  Making excuses won’t change your situation.

Slaves and victims make excuses—and will forever be destined to having leftovers and others’ scraps.  No excuse exists that can or will make you successful. Engaging in self-pity and excuse making are signs that someone has an extremely minimal degree of responsibility.

If you are tired of making excuses and want to get serious about getting rich, check out my Millionaire Booklet—it’s FREE. Commit yourself today to becoming a millionaire and I will walk you step-by-step how to get there.  I did it, and you can duplicate me.

*47% Americans don’t have $400 saved

*76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

*The average household income is 52K

Don’t try and make sense of not having enough.  You can and should be a millionaire.  Start your journey today!

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