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Although books serve as the holders of knowledge, stories and messages that have the power to change people’s lives, not much thought is often put into the process between someone writing a book, and that book ending up in your hands.

The publishing process is an essential part of creating a book, and when overlooked, you might find that as an author your story might not connect with it’s intended audience and be seen by those who need it most.

Many writers fall into the trap of not securing a publishing plan that puts their best interests at heart, leading to unfavourable deals that find them not seeing their deserved rewards for all the hard work they’ve put into their book. In most cases, 80-90% of a book’s royalties go to the publishing house and literary agent in a traditional publishing model, with the author paying for the agent to publish the book with their royalties.

Lauren Eckhardt, founder & CEO of Burning Soul Press, doesn’t believe this transaction adequately compensates the author for the amount of time, energy and dedication it takes to write a powerful and impactful book. Since founding the company in 2020, Burning Soul Press has been flipping the script and disrupting the industry by empowering dedicated authors to reach their audience and elevate their brand, while also receiving just compensation for their work.

Burning Soul Press is a holistic publisher, providing full services to authors in order to help them flourish. They provide guidance, coaching, inspiration, support and solutions that empower authors to create and share their best stories.

Burning Soul Press works with clients who have a powerful message they want to share with the world through their art that inspires  empowerment, reform, new perspectives, hope, and love delivered both through fiction and non-fiction. Burning Soul Press is best for writers that are impact-driven with a desire to help people overcome, thrive and express.

To ensure that all of their clients are satisfied, Burning Soul Press offers three publishing models designed to fit the needs of new and established authors alike:

The Powerhouse model is for authors who want to maintain all royalty payouts and desire to own their experience; receiving a professionally published book and the full services of a publishing company at their disposal to help handle the processes, marketing, and PR, while still retaining every cent of their net royalties.

The Synergy model is for the author who is looking for a partnership with their publisher. With this model, authors split the costs of publishing with Burning Soul Press, and work together to actively sell and promote the book for full visibility. This allows the author to retain a higher royalty rate than a traditional publishing house, 50 percent.

The Impact model is the most traditional publishing model Burning Soul Press offers. Their team covers the publishing, marketing, and PR expenses, working diligently to sell the author’s book and boost the author’s visibility and impact. In this model, authors who are ready to make their dream a reality, but want the support and resources of an established firm to help it come to life, receive 20% of their net royalties. 

Burning Soul Press is dedicated to lifting the voices of these driven writers, giving them the platform to reach their readers so they can achieve their dream: inspire, empower and educate. With a passion for connection, authors who work with the Burning Soul Press can rest easy knowing their art is nurtured and primed for success, so they can focus on creating and sharing their best-selling work on their own terms.

Burning Soul Press represents passionate, creative authors who are driven to fulfill their ultimate purpose in life and understand the importance of sharing a story and connecting with readers who need to hear their message the most. If you’re a driven author looking for a publishing team that’s on the same page as you, connect with Burning Soul Press through their website, or Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or send them an email

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