Connecting to Your Audience Beyond Business According to Anthony Sarandrea

Sometimes, people can see the things that are going to make you successful before you even recognize them yourself. Entrepreneurs have these special characteristics – the ones that make them a little more extraordinary than others. Finding passions at a young age and being determined to pursue them is one way, however, it’s unlikely.  

 Anthony Sarandrea, recognized as one of the top customer-generators in the world, joins us on this episode of Making Bank. Since starting his own business, Sarandrea has helped a countless number of businesses hook customers in as little as two seconds. 

Sarandrea is one of the entrepreneurs that didn’t see the qualities in himself that others saw – and believed in. Learn about how he grew into entrepreneurship as an individual and the importance of keeping passion throughout your company here.  


Becoming an Entrepreneur 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, sometimes you don’t even realize that you have the spark in you. Working when you’re young, creating products, having these grand ideas, all can lead to building the characteristics of a businessperson.   

Take Sarandrea for instance. He says, “I had a buddy one day say, ‘Oh, you’re never going to work for anybody’ or ‘you’re not going to work for anyone other than yourself.’ And I didn’t even believe that or understand what he was talking about. I was just a salesman. I was just doing sales…and a few years later I was like, dude, that was the first time I ever thought about being an entrepreneur.” 

Growing up, Sarandrea recognized that sometimes, successful people have delusional qualities to themselves. They dreamt of things that didn’t seem realistic or probable in everyday life, they were outside the box in what they wanted. But in the end, they made it work. He applied this to his life, whatever he thought of, he made come true.  

Coupling freedom with his passions and hard work, Sarandrea became a great salesman. “People get attracted to being around you, which you have to say and believe in what you’re selling and producing, whether that’s online or in-person door to door.” By using his passions, Sarandrea shaped how he wanted to be as an entrepreneur, rather than letting the business world shape him.  

Sarandrea was able to drive himself, though, it’s not always that easy. Staying on track by having mentors and working as a team can push you into the entrepreneur you know you can be. It’s important to note that there is always room for growth and that learning is an opportunity that never really stops.  


Keeping Passion and Understanding the Customer 

Sometimes it’s easier to have that passion as an individual than it is to translate it to a team. Different experiences have different effects on the lives of the people that you’re working with. You’re not always going to agree on everything or get along perfectly – and that’s okay. However, when you want to sell your business, you want that passion to be sparked in everyone.  

“I think that’s how you translate it…not just your marketing messaging, but throughout the organization is that you find out, what the hell, you’re truly making a difference in that pulls on people’s heartstrings,” Sarandrea says when the passion funnels down into the people of the company, the customers see it. When the customers are reacting, the people that work in the business see the differences that they are making. That is what makes businesses unique and different.  

Sarandrea takes time out of his day once a way to understand his customers on a deeper level. He has conversations with them about their lives, genuinely talks to them without trying to get a sale in. And he found gold out of that. Directly seeing the results that his company and his business gave him insights on the bigger picture, the ability to see beyond just his business. He realized that his business was saving marriages, giving people money, etc.  

It put things in perspective that the business was beyond just him. His workers were affected by it, but so were the customers. The positive impact was amazing.  

“It’s spending the time to call your customers with nothing in return…literally just to understand and learn where they are on a deeper, psychological level that you can then, you know, echo throughout your organization,” Sarandrea says of one of his biggest lessons. If one person feels a certain way, there’s a high chance other people are going to feel the same way.  

When you run bigger and bigger organizations, it’s harder to directly communicate with the customer. It doesn’t have to be hard; you can implement strategies to constantly connect and create discourse throughout your whole business model from the top down. 

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