How To Conquer The Morning Battle

To get it off my chest, I wasn’t always a morning person, nor did I ever care to be one. I’d wake up fifteen minutes before class or work and roll out of bed. A pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt became my daily routine. New day, same outfit. I mean, we want to be comfortable, but I was overpaying.

Over the course of my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned and taken upon the habits of those who are successful. I still have my days when I don’t care for getting up. For the most part, I’ve won.

I had to overcome many obstacles, and the biggest one was looking me eye to eye in the mirror. The main competitor you face when wanting to get up early in the morning is yourself.

In our patriarchal society, we rush off to work. People think that this is the norm. I knew there had to be a better way to wake up.

Most entrepreneur’s indulge in books. I recommend books for anyone who wants to better their life.

By reading books about those who are successful, I noticed most get up early. I sat there for a second and took it in. A revelation came. If these people are ultra-successful and they’re getting up early, why shouldn’t I?

If only it was that easy. People think they can get up early after waking up at ten their entire life.

When I talk of getting up early, I mean getting up before five-thirty. I’ve been able to adapt morning routine to allow me to wake up six or seven days before five. This is my secret weapon. Everyone can, but few are willing.

I understand where you’re coming from if you’re not a morning person. Paradigm’s are plentiful. “I can never be a morning person,” is a limiting self-belief—the most tragic habit of mankind.

To grow as a person, I had to tackle this challenge. I’ve embarked on my journey, but not without bumps in the road.

From getting up at ten in the morning to getting up before five didn’t happen overnight. It took two years. If you imagine it will be easy, you’re mistaken. People quit because they fancy dramatic changes in their life. When you go slow, you’re more likely to achieve your goal.

The first year, I got it from ten to eight a.m. I would want to sleep in, taking every ounce of strength in my body to resist. My mind would tell me I can always wake up early the next day. This is another lie we keep telling ourselves because in due course there won’t be a next day.

Year two is when the growth happened.

I cut my wake up time from eight to six and stayed there for months. I dropped to five-thirty, only to relinquish it.

The morning routine I had was simple. I’d wake up, meditate, read for an hour and write in my journal. Yet, when I finished my routine, I still felt laggard.

Enough. The motivation dissipated. I sensed myself descending back to my old habits. I remember buying the book, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Not thinking much of it when it arrived at my house in January, I decided June would be the perfect time to read it.

Here was someone who had made himself successful, and he addresses how his morning routine helped him along the way. I couldn’t get enough of the book and by the end of it, I was recommending it to everyone I knew.

The habits he prescribed in the book were a game-changer for me. I came back to life. One way to conquer the battle of waking up in the morning is to develop habits that make you want to jump out of bed. Here are the habits I took out of the book and implemented into my life: 9 Simple Steps To Becoming A Morning Person

By having the proper habits in place, your legs will hit the floor before your mind can register what is happening.

When you wake up early, it’s ninety-nine percent psychological. When you first hear your alarm clock go off, your mind makes a decision. Should I continue to sleep or should I get up? This is the debate that goes back and forth between everyone. A handful of people are better at conquering it. You can be one of them.

If you live passionately, you won’t have to wake up with an alarm clock. If you love what do, you’ll be excited for the new day.  

Most people don’t want to face reality. This predicament spells the warning sign you need more from life. When you have a job that connects with your passion, life becomes limitless.

Over the past two years, I’ve accomplished plenty. It all starts in the morning and striving for greatness is a must on your journey.

When you wake up early, you have time you didn’t think existed. Your days become longer and you become happier.

In the beginning, I used motivation to help me. Here’s one video I watched before going to bed at night: Morning Motivation

You can do this. Stop telling yourself that you can’t! You can achieve what you set out to do. It takes a plan and a discipline. Over time, you’ll come to love the morning!

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