Conquering Distinct Fields as a Music Artist and Entrepreneur — Darryl Braceful Jr aka Primo Banks.

Some are born to rule the world with their immense talent and outstanding capabilities which fuels enough power in them to lead and reach towering heights despite all odds and hurdles that come along their way. These individuals are capable enough of managing dual careers successfully and ace in each given their outstanding talent which is incomparable.

When we talk about such achievers, one name that hovers constantly on our minds is that of Primo Banks, who has not only established himself as an entrepreneur but has also unleashed his creative side by acing as an music artist, and that too a successful one.


He has managed to simultaneously run his online clothing business ‘Hell Raiser Apparel’ ( along with his singing career, which has taken him to soaring heights of success, owing to his talent which can be rated as one amongst the best.

Talking about his music career, he has excelled as a singer and has founded his own recording label, ‘Hell Raiser Entertainment’. Furthermore, his apparel business has been doing exceptionally well, having touched six figures after he took over the reins of the business after the death of his grandmother.

He has already made his presence felt in the music realm by releasing his album last year titled ‘Smooth Criminal’, which was well appreciated for its distinct style. The songs were a rage and are still streaming on major music platforms.

He has handled both his careers as a music artist and entrepreneur with élan. “My upcoming album titled ‘Hell On Earth’ is slated to release this summer, and I’m confident that this will also win many hearts like my previous releases,” says the multi talented entrepreneur/artist.

He has been successful in whichever field he has laid his hands on, and that’s evident with the kind of glorious accomplishments he has attained in all his endeavors so far.

Follow him on Instagram: @primobanks.

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