Consensual is Sensual, a Movement by Kranium

Known for his provocative good music and dashing good looks, Kranium is a unique crooner in today’s music industry. He genuinely values consent, romantic love, and safely exploring the vast sexual cosmos with the necessary protection. He wants men to understand that women are not objects; they’re people with needs, likes, and desires too, and that should force no deed upon them.

Kranium calls for his fellow men of celebrity status and regular civilians to become smoother with how they treat women in general, not just in having sex. He only engages in intercourse with a woman if he feels a special connection and consent. Part of that is keeping open communication lines with your partner, making sure there is a safe space for discussing any matter related to intimacy.

The self-proclaimed seducer encourages men to engage in foreplay, and for him, it’s the only way to get to having sex for him. Kranium addresses that some men only want to experience the pleasure of sex without giving it, which makes it awkward and less intimate. According to Kranium, “understanding a woman’s mind and feelings leads to a better connection that makes sex so much more fulfilling on both parties.”

Lastly, he wants to encourage the use of condoms, and in his words, “safe sex is great sex!” Just recently, the Jamaican singer made a talk show appearance wherein he spoke at length on the topic in a very natural and lighthearted way. As the ultimate spotlight lover, Kranium advocates asking and having sex the right way and isn’t shy about saying so.

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