Constant Innovation is the Secret to the Consistent Growth of Time Trader

It always feels surreal to know about the exponential rise of different business industries and the rise of the new entrepreneurs in the same. They are the ones who bring the newness on the table and rise above others by disrupting the norms of those respective fields for the better. Doing the same in the luxury watch industry is Arron, who today through his unending efforts has created a brand for individuals to buy or sell Rolex effortlessly.

The journey Arron made was a long and gruelling one. In October 2016, he was involved in a lethal road accident. He sustained terrible injuries to his back and almost had his legs amputated. After nearly a week of being in coma, he woke up and was told he wouldn’t be able to walk again. Not only this, but as he raged against events that turned his life upside down, he also lost his job.

Though his hustler mentality combined with his quest to achieve great in his career helped him overcome these shattering encounters and incidents. During his time in the hospital, he was gifted with a book called The Rolex Report, which marked the beginning of his ambition for watches. He continued to study and learn about luxury watches during his ten months in the hospital, and almost a year after the accident, he was released and was ultimately able to make a name for himself in the luxury watch market.

Today, he owns a well-known luxury watch company, “Time Trader” which is one of the leading watch retailers in the North East. Time Trader delivers outstanding customer support that enables long-term customer relationships. Under Arron’s leadership, the company has grown tremendously and also provided its customers a guaranteed buyback within 28 days of purchase.

One of the main aspects of Arron’s success has been travelling and networking with reputable watch traders around the world using social media platforms. As all companies concentrate on developing, providing and transmitting value to the customer. Likewise, Arron also believes that building mutual confidence and reliability is an integral part of his company.

With the addition of new company premises and the finest range of watches in the world, Arron is all set to expand and conquer the luxury watch industry in 2021.

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