Content Creator Eric Castellano Gives Tips on Creating The Perfect YouTube Video

Content creation is a creative way of presenting a new concept that can interest people. Eric Castellano is a content creator on YouTube where he posts advice about Amazon business, wholesale business, and life choices based on his experience and observations.

Eric is a successful business owner of the largest third-party wholesale company on Amazon. His journey as an entrepreneur has been very hard and full of failures, but his resilience to keep trying made him successful in life. Eric has experienced so many situations about business and life that now he wants to help others through social media influencing and mentorship.

He creates YouTube content about various topics that help people to grow their business and gain revenue. As an experienced YouTuber, Eric has some tips that you can learn and apply to your own YouTube channel.

  • Do Research

Eric says your research skills define your YouTube content. Research is essential before creating any kind of creative content online. It helps in realizing what market you are entering and how you can tackle challenges as they come. Furthermore, research helps you pick on things that you might have never focused on.

So do some research before you begin filming your content.

  • Use Attractive Thumbnail

YouTube is all about visuals and colors. You might have seen some thumbnails that instantly grab your attention.

Eric advises YouTubers to focus on thumbnails as well. If you do all the hard work in scripting, filming, and editing, it will go to waste for not picking the right thumbnail. A thumbnail should have an attractive color scheme and picture with simple text that can summarize or highlight the main purpose of the whole video.

  • Target audience

Your main source of popularity and gaining followers is the audience. Some viewers do not bother subscribing or liking but watch videos because of the content.

Eric gives the advice to target the audience through various strategies that can stimulate interest and curiosity to click on your video out of all. You can do this by knowing what your audience is looking for that is not yet posted or does not have authentic content on it.

  • Use Keywords

When you are posting a YouTube video, your title should have all the important keywords that are related to a certain niche that you made a video about. Your choice of keywords defines the success of your YouTube channel.

People do not search by phrases, they use keywords, and the YouTube search only gives results that come under that specific keyword. Eric says you have to brainstorm your title that uses keywords appropriately so that your target audience can access your video.

  • Focus on Quality

There is no perfect guideline to making the perfect YouTube content because people are unpredictable. But one thing that is for sure is that unique and attractive content always has the potential to blow up, so always make quality content.

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