Content Writer Sejal Khandelwal: On the Lines of Dedicated Hustle and Success

Sejal Khandelwal

With the aim of bringing into light those individuals who may not have achieved the greatest success, but with their level of dedication and hard work they’re surely on the same path – we’ve decided to cover such journeys of utmost hustle. One such individual is Content Writer Sejal Khandelwal, who is earnestly moving forward towards her peak of accomplishments.

In the increasingly growing world of content writing, it is needless to signify the role of dedicated hard work that one has to develop. Having started from an absolutely different background, Sejal has marked her name in the field.

Starting small, content writer Sejal Khandelwal has gradually paved her way out into the field and continues aspiring for the same. Over time, she has managed to gain experience in writing various forms of content like – blogs, encyclopedias, PR articles, books, etc.

Following is a small extract from her interview with one of the correspondents who stumbled upon her and her journey of becoming a content writer.

From being a commerce student to becoming a content writer, surely your journey has been quite diverse. Tell us more about it.

Starting from my school life, I had absolutely zero experience of working as an editor or writer. I was a commerce student and further went on to pursue my degree in Business Administration (BBA).

Genuinely, I had no idea that this is where I would land up. Interestingly, it all started with a random request for writing a blog, that too from an unknown reference. Surprisingly, the client liked my work and insisted that I should continue writing for him. Thankfully, my professional network built over time, and everything started falling into place.

Throughout your entire career, have you faced any major roadblock or constraint?

Luckily, there wasn’t any major crater or roadblock as you put it, that may have demotivated me drastically. Not denying the challenges and the inevitable low points, I think I’ve had a pretty consistent journey.

It would be wrong to say that luck didn’t play a significant role in my life and I’m extremely grateful for that. Though I was dedicated to my work, I agree that favorable things happened to me gradually over time and I hope this is how it stays in the future as well.

Content writing can be termed as an unstable job. Did you face any kind of peer pressure or uncertainty while taking up this decision?

Well, frankly speaking, yes, I did! As I said I was pursuing my degree in BBA and while my fellow students were aspiring to take up their masters, my inclination towards writing did bring some second thoughts. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision to make, looking at all the conventional paths of choosing a profession.

Moreover, I wasn’t even having a good number of clients back then, so definitely the questions and uncertainties I had in mind were endless. But somewhere there was a part of me fighting this resistance.

I may not have acknowledged it this strongly then, but working as a content writer was slowly emerging as a passion for me and that is the very reason why the decision was somewhat clear. I may not have realized it back then, but today when I look back there are no judgments or doubts that I possess over what I chose.

So finally taking that decision of being a content writer, do you think it was all worthy enough?

Yes, definitely. I can’t agree more with it! It may happen that in the future my fellow batchmates may land up in a job with a big paycheck, but the amount of contentment and happiness that this profession gives me is unmatchable.

Money for me was never really a driving force, and I’m glad that I was able to successfully choose for myself – what I love and cherish!

What is the one most crucial lesson you’ve learned, both professionally and personally?

Professionally, the role of consistent hard work is the most crucial takeaway from my journey. What I’ve realized is that the moment you start taking things for granted is the moment you mark your downfall. There can be no shortcut for one’s dedicated efforts, even when you think you’ve made it.

I would say I’ve been enlightened with the magic of positive energy. Being around positive people and keeping away from all kinds of negativity can work wonders for you!

I should also say that I’m quite grateful for those around me – both family and friends. They’ve been my biggest supporters as well as critics. It’s beautiful how I can reach out to them even today if I’m confused regarding work or anything and I know they’ll sort it out with me!

What was the one ‘WOW’ moment of your career?

I think the first time I got to work for prominent bloggers, social media influencers, and especially the ones from the Bollywood industry; I would say those were my multiple OMG/WOW moments. I can still feel the same level of excitement and zeal I felt then!

One message that you would like to convey to your fellow content writers?

Whatever you’re hustling for, be consistent. And above all, trust yourself! Welcome all the criticism, but for good. Don’t let the hard moments eat you or your dream up. No matter how low you feel, grab each and every opportunity available to you and explore them. One day you’ll surely acknowledge that it was all worth it!

You can connect with Sejal Khandelwal on Instagram – @sejal_khandelwal


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