Contractors: You Need To Be On Social Media in 2021, Here’s Why

Own a construction company? Social media is a must, here’s why:

Contractor - Social Media Marketing (Image sourced via: Mark Potterton)

Social media is evolving and becoming more and more important by the day. Platforms come and go but regardless the overall social media user base continues to skyrocket at all ages. Social media is now becoming a crucial part of every business, regardless of your industry. As a contractor, look at social media as a chance to score a new lead, engage with a client, or show off your latest construction project. 

Here are just a few reasons construction companies need social media:

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are very important, especially in the construction industry. Imagine wanting to get your house remodeled but aren’t sure who to contact for the job. Most people go straight to social media and either ask for a recommendation or do a quick search and see which local contractors have a reputable social media presence. 

Showcasing Your Work  

Showcasing your work online is becoming a crucial part of the construction business. Seeing is believing right? Social media is an excellent place to share photos and videos of your projects after they are complete. 

Generate Trust and Brand Awareness

Social media is a great way to generate brand awareness as a contractor. Lots of construction companies work off word of mouth referrals and have little to no online presence. Showcasing your work and client testimonials on social media will get rid of that risk-factor when potential clients weigh whether or not they should hire you.

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Written by Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is an American entrepreneur specializing in influencer marketing and social media. He is a driven entrepreneur looking to help businesses and influencers leverage social media to the fullest extent. Under his leadership, Business Blurb has grown exponentially and became the fastest-growing entrepreneurial media company.

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