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The Leadership Collective is a unique way to gain credibility, get published quickly, amplify your content reach & audience, and more.

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What is Influencive?

An online thought leadership platform that shares the stories and wisdom of today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs that has millions of readers around the world.

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Influencive’s Collective features your content on one of the fastest growing online media companies for entrepreneurs and business.



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Meet Our Members

Member Spotlight

Jonathan Maxim & Kale Panoho

Jonathan & Kale originally met through the Influencive Leadership Collective.

Today they run a 7-figure growth marketing agency that has worked with brands like TikTok, Eminem, Monster Energy, and the New Zealand Government. Kale lives in New Zealand and Jonathan lives in LA, meaning their business is completely virtual.

“Getting high-quality PR and writing content for Influencive has been a major factor in us landing the brands we’ve been able to work with.” says Jonathan, Managing Director of K&J Growth Hackers


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We are focused more on quality and distribution here at Influencive. How fast your articles are published depends on the quality and topic of the article, and on how many articles have been submitted by other members. Typical time can range from days to a general max of few weeks.

*As an individual member of the collective you can expedite one article per month so if you have a tight timeline, make sure you send us a note at

*If you are looking for faster publishing on all articles please contact us for a Business package.

Yes, most of them will. We choose quality over quantity and want to showcase all of our members content to our millions of readers around the world. This is why we choose to publish at most 5 articles per day vs 100’s.

Yes! Most Leadership Collective Profile Pages are found within the first page of Google. This is great for your brand.

Yes! We are happy to support in any way we can.

*Also make sure you tag us in your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and we’ll make sure we give it a share and some extra love. 😉

Yes! You get an article written about YOU within a month of sign up. We also sometimes give our current members exclusive deals with leading companies around the world. We want to help you grow your business in any way we can!

While the program on this page is for individuals looking to contribute thought leadership content, we also have other VIP/Business/Agency plans. Those accounts gives companies expedited publishing ability on articles, and ability to publish bulk content. If you need all your articles to be published quickly, and write about companies you work with rather than thought leadership content, then this is the VIP plan will be better.

To inquire about VIP email

Yes, we can accomodate most payment methods. Shooot us an email at with what you have in mind.

As an Influencive Thought Leader you get:

Ability to submit posts on Influencive as long as your content meets simple editorial guidelines ($5,500+ value)

Google Indexed Personal Page ($1,500+ value)

✔ An exclusive article featuring you published directly on the site by us in the first 3 months ($2,500+ value)

✔ Expedited article publishing once per month (we’ll rush it within our editing team so it gets published FAST!) ($1,500+ value)

Select posts shared across our social media channels, with 100M+ potential reach. ($1,750+ value)

That’s a value of over $12,500+.

For Only $999/year

But for a limited time,  you can become an Influencive Thought Leader for a yearly fee of $999. That’s it. There’s no catch.

If you are ready to up your content game, first pay below, then you will be sent a questionnaire to get started. Terms.

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