Cookie Giveaway to Frontline Nurses This Holiday Season

This Christmas Eve, Foodie Fundraisers gave away 250 gift boxes of Authentico’s delicious Charm City Fudgetop and Vanillatop cookies to nurses in the Washington, D.C. region who work at Sibley Memorial Hospital and will be continuing to give another 250 gift boxes of cookies to Holy Cross Germantown Hospital on December 31st.

Foodie Fundraisers wanted to give back to the frontline nurses at Holy Cross and Sibley for doing an extraordinary job during this difficult time. In addition, Foodies will give back 10% of every purchase to Holy Cross’s Mission Services Fund and Sibley’s frontline fund when people go to and purchase cookies. Customers just need to enter “Holy Cross Hospital” or “Sibley” at checkout.

A Foodie’s rep said, “Sibley Hospital saved our founder Jimmy’s life years back after a pulmonary embolism and Holy Cross has been there for many of his friends. We wanted to do something special for the front line nurses during the holiday. We plan to sign up many more hospitals around the country to support frontline nurses.”

To purchase Fudgetop and Vanillatop cookies go to

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