Coronavirus Outbreak: Indian Influencer Satyajit Majumder Urges Followers to Donate Mask, Take Part in PassTheMask Challenge

Kolkata based influencer Satyajit Majumder was seen initiating #PassTheFood challenge last year in april where several youngsters from all across West Bengal jumped on the bandwagon of feeding stray dogs. The video he posted on Facebook got viral on social media with over 10 lac views. Satyajit runs one of India’s fastest-growing food, fashion, lifestyle, and motivation blog @Thetwoinoneguy.

Satyajit posted a picture with a caption that read, that this year the country is battling the second wave of the pandemic and people on the roads are still not wearing mask, it is best to stay at home and stay safe. However, if you have to step out, it is important to wear a mask so today i went out with all safety precautions and donated mask to people, made them understand why it is important to wear a mask & how you can wear it. The influencer insisted on the importance of wearing a mask through the new post on Facebook.

When asked he said that Think about wearing a mask out of consideration for individuals who are not as healthy as you are. Some people live with cancer, diabetes, or with a compromised immune system. For them, simple activities such as going to the grocery store can be highly anxiety provoking if others are not wearing masks.

There is safety in numbers and if all of us are masking-up, then we markedly reduce the ability of the virus to spread from person to person. Remember, this virus wants to spread. His agenda, as with any virus, is to infect us. We need to create conditions which will not allow it to do so. He urges his followers to donate mask to the people who are not aware of what’s going in the country. Do take it as #PassTheMaskChallenge.

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