Cory Sccott Intends on Serving Others Through His Music

Cory Sccott has a major impact on countless others through his inspirational music. As a young man growing up in Kenosha, WI, Cory Sccott always knew he wanted to serve others. Not yet knowing how in the 4th grade Cory Sccott wrote a poem that brought his teacher to tears. Seeing the impact his words had on his teacher; Cory Sccott had an intuitive feeling that this was his calling. Around the same time, Cory Sccott auditioned for a solo and got the part due to his impeccable sound.

Cory Sccott connected the dots and decided that he was going to serve others through music. Since that day, you could always count on finding a pen and paper in the hands of Cory Sccott. He has spent many years sculpting his musical talents, and now he’s starting to gain global recognition for those years of hard work.

Cory Sccott is currently an independent artist. He focuses on creating music that is inspirational, educational, and powerful. His lyrics are inspired by the trials and tribulations he has endured in his life. Cory Sccott intends to bestow the wisdom he has gained from challenging times in his life to his fans so they can benefit from his hardships.

When you listen to his music, Cory Sccott “Wants people to listen to my music and get an insight into my life. I want people to see that as a Christian man, I’m less than perfect, nor do I hold myself up to perfection. I also go through hardships and make decisions that negatively affect my life. My church was created for people who don’t go to church.

I want to create my music with the same concept. I want people to see me as a Christian and vibe with me as any person they can vibe with. I want to change the view of Christianity, as my view has forever been changed.”

As for his next project, Cory Sccott announced that he is working on his first major album. In this body of work, Cory Scott intends to give his fans a greater insight into his life. He will take his fans through various hardships he has grown through and overcome. He hopes his fans will take the life lessons he’s learned and apply them in their own lives.

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