COVID-19: “A Precious Child” Collaborates with Local Foodbanks and Governments to Minimize Exposure to Vulnerable Families

COVID-19 may have turned the world on its head as we all adapt to a ‘new normal,’ but despite the lockdown, despite the social distancing, despite the face masks, the fundamental demands of life remain unchanged. We all still need money in our pockets, roofs over our heads, shirts on our backs, and food on our tables.

Unfortunately, due to the challenging personal and financial circumstances presented by the pandemic, many of us are no longer in the situation where we can provide the bare necessities for our nearest and dearest without a little help. That’s where organizations such as A Precious Child steps in.

Founded by their CEO, Carina Martin in 2008, A Precious Child has a long and distinguished history of lending a helping hand to those in need in the Denver Metro community.

“A Precious Child is all about helping those in need and being part of a caring and sharing community,” revealed Carina. “We work with hundreds of partners to target and provide services for families in poverty. By giving them access to the educational resources, development and workplace training as well as providing them with practical essentials such as food, clothing, and toiletries, we aim to help them strive towards significant and long-lasting change in their lives.”

In 2020, A Precious Child case management and wrap-around services spiked to a 1,657% increase compared to the previous year, they have provided 38,609 children and adults with COVID-19 Emergency Response kits including hygiene products, cleaning supplies and PPE. We have provided 3,169 infants with 199,401 diapers and 1,685 packs of wipes, helping families during this time when 52% of the families reported someone in their home lost a job due to COVID-19, 67% of the families they serve have had their work hours cut and 79% lost income.

Carina said, “The stats speak for themselves. There has been a dire need for help in the community and fortunately, by collaborating with agency partners we have been able to help fulfill this need by distributing items efficiently and safely.”

Throughout the pandemic, A Precious Child has been able to keep the doors of its Resource Center open by enforcing safety protocols such as temperature tests, the use of face masks and gloves, and strict adherence to social distancing and limiting the number of people in the building at any one time.

Carina added, “We’ve come a long way since I started A Precious Child out of my garage. I’ve always been a big believer in the kindness of strangers and that we’re stronger together. I believe the Covid-19 pandemic has really reminded the world how vital and integral to our well-being a healthy community spirit is. It’s been a tough time and it might get tougher before it’s all over, but together we will beat it, you can bank on that.”

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