Craig Moreau: From Broken Home to Big Time Country Music Star

Craig Moreau shares his journey to success.

2020 was a complete culture shock to the world that we were so accustomed to living in. The global pandemic has sent much of the world into a frenzy over the last year, and there’s no sign as to when this will end. It has been a crippling time for many artists in the game looking to make a name for themselves. That’s not true for everyone though, and for country artist Craig Moreau, he has experienced the complete opposite of that.

For Moreau, 2020 was a year of extreme growth in terms of his career progress in country music. Growing up in a broken family made it very difficult for him to connect with just about everyone in his family. “Music has always been in my blood,” says Moreau. Music was the one thing that they all could come together and enjoy, making it hold a special place in Moreau’s heart.

After having grown up in a broken household, he knows the weights that trials and tribulations can have on someone’s shoulders. He uses his music as a platform to share his experiences in life and help others get through problems of their own. “I just want people to feel connected and inspired. I want my music to uplift people or be their crutch to get them through hard times. I want them to feel connected.” Moreau wants to shed a little light on people’s lives, especially in the world that we are living in now.

Moreau aids his fans in their trials and tribulations while bringing the country music genre into a new spin. Moreau has been able to gain many fans’ interest in country music by drawing influence from artists like Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, and particularly Garth Brooks, who his mother says he used to try and imitate. In 2021, Moreau’s first full studio album of originals is set to drop, leaving his fans with building excitement.

This upcoming year will be one for the Country artist as he looks to get his name cemented up with some of the best in today’s industry. Craig Moreau captures the attention of his fans through his heartfelt music and his electrifying attitude. Keep an eye on Craig Moreau as the year goes on; he might surprise you.

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Written by Jeremy Morris

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