Crazy Lamhe Plug in Gearing up Towards Its First Launch

Who doesn’t have music in their hearts? While some’s passion dominates the charts and reaches our earphones, some don’t get the chance to express themselves at all. We’ll never know how many next Beatles and Presleys were turned away at the gates.

Anmol Gupta, himself a singer-songwriter has set up a record label – Crazy Lamhe Plug In- to open a new world of possibilities for musicians.

To make your music heard, it is important to have a strong backing and Gupta believes every true artist should be given a chance to sing their heart out knowing that they have people behind them, who will cheer them on and support them in all their endeavors.

Gupta has experience in the music industry, and is also as an actor and a model. Hence, his good connections with various producers, directors and big players of the industry paint a bright picture for the future of his record label and the signed talent.

Since he himself comes from a place strife with struggles and wants to make a world where living is easier, hence, he has pledged to donate 10% of the label’s revenue towards various NGOs who are dedicated towards the underprivileged.

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