Creating Value for Consumers and Employees with Robert Glazer

When you break the business of entrepreneurship down, it’s all about the people. Too often, it’s easy to get caught up in the finances and the particulars of what you want to achieve. Recognizing individuals for who they are and creating value in your products for people is crucial when developing the atmosphere, you need to succeed.  

Robert Glazer, bestselling author and founder of Global Partner Marketing Agency, joins us on this episode of Making Bank. After starting his own company, Robert took time to focus on his leadership skills and morals. Eventually, he started sharing what he was learning with his company, and it turned into something bigger than what he could ever imagine.  

Learn about how Robert incorporated creating value for people in his everyday life, along with how to handle employees coming and going from your company. Business comes down to people – and you can’t forget the importance of that.  


Creating Value for the People  

When thinking about his work environment, Robert always had an idea of what he wanted to create. He said, “I just tried to focus on creating value for people.”  

That led to Robert participating in an intensive leadership program to focus on himself and help develop his skills as a leader. During that program, there was a focus on improving your morning routine. More specifically, writing and taking time to reflect on reading something positive. From there, he implemented that routine into his daily life and started feeling that impact on himself. 

But he soon moved that habit from his daily life to his business life. “So weeks later, as I was doing this routine…I have some of these stories and quotes and things of mine [and tried] send a note to my team on Friday. I’d pull together like a story or something like a little bit inspirational, but more edgy. Like it kind of pushed people a little bit.”  He figured that what he was writing was important enough for him, that he might as well try and share it with his company and see if it helped at all.  

Robert wanted it to push the people he was working with into a creative discomfort, asking them to take some time to reflect and recognize aspects of their lives that they can better. It benefitted him too because he set aside time and it allowed him to think about the issues. At first, he did it for himself, not thinking that anyone was reading them. Soon enough, people started coming up to him and telling him that they liked what he had to say, or that they shared what he said with others who enjoyed them.  

This was something that Robert started that went beyond his own company, so when he was at an event with multiple entrepreneurs discussing the best practices, he brought it up. Other entrepreneurs thought it was a great idea, and he realized that it had an external value. From there, he made it look like a regular email, with a couple of hundred people subscribed to it. Now, it has nearly 200,000 people receiving these messages weekly.  

One little idea took off and impacted others in a way that went beyond the walls of Robert’s own business. At the end of the day, it was meant to ensure that value was being created for recipients each week – from one individual sharing experiences to others relating to it.  

Knowing that Your Employees Won’t Stay Forever 

While thinking about the people in his office and reflecting on the business world, Robert had discomfort with the way that employees left and how some businesses reacted.   

“It just always frustrated me that you got a good employee or someone you invested in or someone happy, and then…suddenly they give two weeks’ notice and you’re like, your kind of lying to me. We’re pretending that people are going to stay forever and then sort of demystifying that kind of quit, like to not fault car insurance.”  

When it comes to releasing and firing employees, Robert has a new mindset that helps him create a safer workspace environment. Realizing that people grow and change, just like you do, is fundamental in understanding that you can’t expect the same people to stay in the same place forever. 

So, Robert helps people find their next jobs. As soon as things start changing with an employee, he wants to give them support rather than firing them and asking them to walk through the door. Sometimes, he says that it’s like “we’ve tried this a few different times. We’ve had a couple of different things. Like, I think it’s time for you to look for something else and we’re going to support you.”  

Providing references and letting them work their job for their income while interviewing, searching for their next stage, and giving them the resources proves to be more successful for everyone. By doing so, it creates an overall better working place and atmosphere. It’s much easier than going around and trying to sneakily leave, or trying to quickly fill new positions at the last possible second.  

Caring about people and the work environment will never be a waste of time, as it builds the foundation of the company even stronger as growth continues. 

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