Creative Klick Branding Helps Businesses Find Next Level Appeal

The method to their madness is simple: a boutique branding agency with the resources and talents of a commercial size firm. Creative Klick is an agency that helps businesses create the content and strategy they need in order to be as transparent and compelling as the new year.

“The ability to focus on creative solutions and marketing challenges is one of the most exciting parts about running the Klick. Making our clients vision a reality brings a smile to my face,” said Jenny DiGirolamo, CEO & Co-Founder of Creative Klick.

In the midst of recent events, Creative Klick has been able to prove these abilities beyond reasonable doubt. While the COVID-19 pandemic has commonly been seen as a tragedy that stumped the economy along with our livelihood, the founders of CK visualized new opportunity.

“COVID-19 forced business owners to recognize the importance of creating an online presence when quarantine confined so many of us to our homes. If our clientele didn’t already have an online presence, they soon became hyper aware of the fact that they needed to have one or they would fail. Once the understanding of this logic was instilled, we saw a boost in enthusiasm that helped us find the brand identities underneath basic marketing that our clients (both old and new) were in dire need of,” said DiGirolamo.

In addition to their ability to show clients how to read between the lines of branding, one of the most valuable factors that Creative Klick offers is their in-house content creation as a boutique agency. The in-house method allows them to create content, build websites, establish product packaging, design and develop brands and organize efficient account management in a way that is more uniform, yet personalized to fit each client’s individualistic needs.

“Having a team is my favorite part about working for The Klick. Each one of us is the best at our craft, yet together, we are an unstoppable force. We are all cognizant of the fact that this wouldn’t work if we didn’t have each other, and that trust is what drives me to be my best,” explianed Jaquie Fischer, Creative Klick Creative Director.

When working with Creative Klick, businesses can expect a unique effort, rare in comparison to your typical marketing agency. These unique efforts are built on a foundation that values teamwork and trust within their employee workspace.

At the beginning of each branding process, Creative Klick’s main initiatives are to fully understand the client they’re working with and what their visions are. This understanding is vital for them to be able to create the kind of strategies that compel and attract their target demographic.

Their mindset is one that acknowledges that even if businesses are great at what they do, they often struggle with presenting themselves in a way that will be received well by the general consumer. That is where these marketing heroes come in to save the day.

“Even with the most challenging products, our methods have allotted us the opportunities drive traffic, boost sales and generate that much needed brand awareness,” said DiGirolamo.

Creative Klick’s services have time and time again shown their superiority since the founding of their company ten years ago. Their recent collaboration with a South Florida meal delivery service, Ideal Meals, demonstrated the vast improvements they can bring to businesses in even the most challenging situations.

DiGirolamo further told, “They came to us with a major need for content creation, marketing, photography and consulting. Although they were already providing amazing service and delicious food, they were having difficulty delivering the true “story,” if you will, of who they were and what they did, so we started off on a project to create valuable content and imagery via social media and e-mail marketing. This work eventually helped them reach the forefront of their industry, and their sales were doubled in less than a month!”

After having conquered so many milestones in their marketing initiatives with other clients, the Creative Klick creators hope to have more time to focus on their own personal brand in the upcoming future. This endeavor to improve their own marketing emulates the brilliance in the mindsets of these creators- demonstrating that they are just as open-minded and ambitious as they inspire their clients to be. As a company, they lead by the example that no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement!

“We’ve spent so much time branding other companies that we neglected our own for a while. Now that things have calmed down a bit, we finally have been taking the time to focus on ourselves and our brand. If we can’t market ourselves effectively, how can others trust us to do the same for them?” said Digirolamo.

Those who are interested in working with Creative Klick are urged to be on the lookout for more YouTube videos and other creative content that will further their own brand identity. This content is set to be published in the upcoming year.

“The best thing about owning The Klick is giving our employees the opportunity to do what they love. My father always told me growing up, do what you love and the money will come. It’s the passion that drives me,” said Taylor Russell, Founder of Creative Klick

If you are a passionate entrepreneur or business owner like Russell and you are looking to bring your business to the next level of branding, Creative Klick is here to help you reach those goals. Click here to get started on your journey to a new world of branding.

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