Cristina Fox Shares Her Best Tips for Standing Out on Social Media

Social media is a place where it’s extremely difficult to differentiate oneself from the masses, especially if you’re an influencer. No matter what industry you’re in, there are an abundance of people and brands out there who are trying to grow their online presence at the same time, doing the same exact things.

This is why starting a full-time social media business of your own can seem out of reach for most people; however, social media influencer and online entrepreneur Cristina Fox argues that anybody can be successful on social media if they work hard enough, despite their size, age, shape, or gender.

Cristina is originally from the United Kingdom, where she grew up and eventually earned multiple degrees from university. After completing her education, she went on to work in the corporate world in London. While she learned many valuable skills and lessons while living the corporate lifestyle, she ultimately decided that it wasn’t for her. After some self-reflection and strategic planning, Cristina decided to become her own boss and pursue her goal of creating an online business in the digital world.

Today, Cristina has more than 4 million followers across her social network, and she continues to grow each day on multiple social media accounts and platforms. She has successfully managed to turn her social media into a popular business, and now she wants to help other people do the same.

While she continues to maximise her own business and online presence, Cristina wants to motivate and coach others who would like to achieve something similar to her. Moreover, she wants to empower women around the world of all shapes, ages, and sizes to have the freedom of expression online and to be successful.

Her best piece of advice for other aspiring influencers is to be passionate about whatever it is that you’re pursuing. “If the passion is there, you will succeed,” Cristina encourages.

In addition to being passionate about making a name for yourself on social media, you need to be extremely dedicated and willing to go the extra mile day in and day out. “There is no secret to success. It’s pure hard work, late nights, and early mornings. There is no quick way to success. Staying organized and on top of things is the key,” says Cristina.

Cristina continues to work long days, sometimes even up to 20 hours, to maintain all aspects of her business. With the immense time and effort it takes to keep her business up and running, she also maintains a positive attitude and remembers to always put the customer first. Keeping her followers and online fans happy is her number one priority.

Cristina even turns down work from time to time, as she is dedicated to her obligation to her existing fans and clients. She always chooses to keep her own brand in mind when considering business partnerships and new opportunities. If an opportunity doesn’t align with what Cristina’s brand stands for, she won’t pursue it.

Overall, Cristina’s impressive work ethic and fiery passion is how she arrived in the successful position she finds herself in today. Having built her platforms from the ground up, she hopes to encourage others to pursue their own social media and business goals, and strives to show them through her journey that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Cristina hopes to leave a legacy of being someone who was unafraid to be herself, and wants to show that to the world that they can do the same through example. She doesn’t give in to societal norms or stereotypes, and has built an incredible business because of that.

We highly encourage others to keep up with Cristina Fox on her Instagram and website, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. She is definitely an entrepreneur to look out for!

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