Crypto Meme Coin Kishu Market Cap Reaches $1 Billion

Kishu has the likes of possibly becoming the next Dogecoin


The “digital age” is changing the world as we know it. Digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have become mad popular and are beginning to make headlines frequently. Cryptocurrency has been deemed by many as the currency of the future, and it’s only growing in all facets. Despite the recent dip, all cryptocurrencies have hit their all-time highs this year.

Investing in crypto has never been so easy, and many newcomers are starting to follow the wave. With the spike in popularity, even more crypto coins have been developed and can now be traded. Within the last month, we’ve seen the rise of what are known in the social media space as “meme coins.”

These meme coins include Kishu, DogeElon, Akita, and Shiba, among many others. Out of those coins, Kishu is by far growing the fastest. In under three weeks, Kishu was the fastest meme coin to reach $1 Billion in market cap and has gained over 130,000 investors, including bachelorette star Tyler Cameron.

So popular, Kishu has been advertised and featured across the United States’ biggest city, New York City. Kishu has been featured on billboards throughout New York and Time Square.

At the coin’s current growth rate, it’s chasing the notability and status of Dogecoin and may very well surpass the popular cryptocurrency in due time. Fellow meme coins DogeElon, Shiba, and Akita, have dropped in price considerably as of late, yet Kishu has still prevailed and continues to rise.

Get on the cryptocurrency wave while you can and invest in possibly the next Dogecoin, Kishu. For more information about the meme coin and how to invest in it, check out the coin’s website and Instagram page below.

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