Cryptocurrency Expert Josh Miller Explains How Crypto Is Valuable to the World Economy

Following the collapse of the cryptocurrency market in June, many in the professional community have been asking big questions about what role cryptocurrencies play in society.

While Nouriel Roubini continues with his passionate assertion that 99% of cryptocurrencies are worth ZERO and that it is fintech, and not blockchain that will innovate the banking system, Fidelity, one of the largest mutual fund managers had just launched its crypto trading desks, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a partnership with Ripple’s Interledger for mobile payments.

“Cryptocurrencies can certainly be very valuable to the global economy, and to society in general. Money has always played a critical role in the evolution of society. In order to understand the role cryptocurrencies can play in our future society, let’s look at what money does,” says Josh.

Josh Miller is known for the following ventures: Invigor8, a company he cofounded for which he has held the role of COO for two years, success as an investor and trader in the gold and silver options markets, and for investing and being an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2012.

“I work with my father, David Miller, and we are guided by our core values to seek out humanitarian and philanthropic ventures to create real lasting change, positive impact, and doing so strategically to create collaboration around key issues and find solutions that have multiple benefits, both within the Jacksonville community and the wider United States, in education, poverty eradication, infrastructure, economic empowerment, and the rights of all human beings.”

Additionally, “The Success Club started as an Instagram page founded by Josh Miller and Alex Lombard. Alex Lombard is now the Owner and CEO, and Josh Miller is a partner and a strategic advisor. It started with a vision to inspire millions of young entrepreneurs to be there best; it has now evolved into a movement of millennial entrepreneurs/young pros that are living their passions, achieving their dreams, and impacting many other people around them. Today, the success club is a movement of leaders. We look forward to connecting and be on this journey together.”

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