Cyber Boy Corp.’s CTO Has the Eye of the Tiger

Our Team made every effort to contact Cyber Boy Corp. during the 2020 global pandemic, and left dozens of voice messages on their answering machine, but, not one phone call was returned. However, surprisingly enough, we received an incoming call from the restless Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Roy Andrade, this month and implored him to spare a few minutes of his time to talk to one of our staff members about his video game department.

The 6’4, CTO, seemed jumbled, but, was more than willing to begin a FaceTime meeting with our columnist and started the discussion with a yawn. Sr. Roy Andrade was optimistic about the future and believes Cyber Boy Corp. will conquer many areas of technology in due time.

Sr. Roy Andrade, Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Boy Corp., “Well, 2020 was a profitable year for us as a company, despite the world being in limbo, and I couldn’t help, but, reinvest into the company and here we are, doing big things. Now, we are apart of technology.

We are developing a 3D chess game and are working with some of the smartest people I have ever met in my entire life to develop other digital products. I dislike the word best, because it’s such a small-minded word, so, I tend to use the word better, and that’s exactly what we are as a company. Better!”

Cyber Boy Corp. experienced a major roadblock in April when the Head of Software Engineering contracted Covid-19 and Sr. Roy Andrade quarantined, which resulted in bad press for the company. As indicated by Sr. Roy Andrade, Cyber Boy Corp. is back in the groove and will deliver its fans the eagerly awaited 3D chess game this year.

Shawn Anderson, CFO, Cyber Boy Corp., “Sr. Roy Andrade educated us and told us back in April that employees make up roughly 64% of a business organization’s expenses.

He pulled me aside while we were walking up Crescent Drive and told me it was time to hire the smartest people we could find online. I was given a $200,000 budget and snatched to former MIT students. So, like the CTO famously stated, ‘We are back in the groove.’”

Sr. Roy Andrade is working with Ms. Christina M. Robbins, Visual Art Designer, this year to get her to take on Cyber Boy Corp.’s digital assets. Visit Cyber Boy Corp.’s Official website, and IG account at @CyberBoyCorp.


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