Cyffa Leyenda, the King of the Oceanfront Has Plans for Virginia

In 2014, Cyffa was kicked out into world to figure things out on his own since his music craft wasn’t excepted at home. Going through life Cyffa went from house to house trying to survive and had no job until the next year working at Sunsations on 22nd st and Domino’s on 18th st. “I was working 12-14 hour shifts everyday from 8am to 2am the next morning trying to provide for myself.” “I had to stay with my ex who eventually kicked me out and moved on so I had to sleep down stairs at my friends house elderly guy very cool. He let me stay there for half a year before his lease was up.” “I was young working those jobs and paying for everything myself ran up my money. “I remember being so broke I had to steal from a homeless man in the on 26th St. on the oceanfront.”

At the same time maintaining a music career. Behind the extravagant parties and club and bar scenes which Cyffa was still popular at this time but Cyffa knew it to include his ex-friends and family into his life asking for something knowing that no one would help his situation in the first place so he went through it. Later on Cyffa meets a girl he starts having feelings besides the fact she was a white girl didn’t matter to him because she made him happy. A year and some change goes by and Cyffa and his ex break up resulted in him going back to his ex he was living with that kicked him out the first time since they worked things out for the meantime.

One night in December getting off Dominos around 1am Cyffa was walking on the strip to go home and he saw a man sleeping on 19th street. Cyffa decided to go back to work and get the cancelled orders of pizza that Dominos was going to throw away and gave it to the homeless man. “I don’t care what color, size or your story is about of how you got to where your at no one should have to starve” said Cyffa. “When my family showed how cruel the world was I started giving back and showing love to all people”. “I remember walking past the Convention Center going to this girls house and this guy was thirsty always seen him walking around asking for money all the time. I had no money on me at this time so what I did for him is gave him a blessing for his life. Told him bro it doesn’t matter if I have Jordan’s on and these nice clothes on more than you know I’m just as broke as you are. But what makes you different then any other homeless man on the oceanfront is you can walk and move around. Go apply at a little for meanwhile and save. God has a plan for you just be patient. After that day never saw him on the oceanfront again.” “I always felt like my purpose was shake people struggles away through a strong message of encouragement ”

In 2016 Cyffa was back active on the strips d the boardwalk doing pictures for Def Jams artist YG with a little flyer of YGs album cover for Still Brazy as approached by a fan of Cyffa’s work. That same year Cyffa also met Lex Luger through Jolley Brothers, meeting DJ4B and more. Cyffa always been the guy to never be distracted even through the struggles. 2016 was a big yea for Cyffa. Cyffa hosted his first Festival for artist on October 5, 2016. He met a hotel RSVP MANAGER that managed 5-6 hotels on the Oceanfront that wanted to manage big artist in Virginia Beach. Trusting her to do her job efficiently as she did elder lady in her 50s made a lot accomplished and almost had the first label to have a building at 20 years old as a CEO of CYFFA SOUNDS.

When Cyffa threw his birthday party/festival it packed out 2,000 people at TYKU BAR which is now Beach House 757 on 20th st. Cyffa prompted his own party bringing that many people using flyers to put on the drivers side of hundreds of cars on the oceanfront. He was focused and dedicated in making a name for his-self by his-self which he did accomplished professionally. At his own party Cyffa had people travel from different cities and states suck as New York and Fredrickburg, Virginia to attend this event. 3 Kilos Vodka Sponsor took a flight gave Cyffa 6 gold bottles of Vodka as a gift at his party. When Cyffa pulled up he was in a party bus was strippers friend and more women. This was the the most lit party on the whole strip that night no one did it like Cyffa. No celebrity invites nothing just him and a few artist that opened up for him. After the party Cyffa goes back to the hotel sitting thinking that his life is still not where he wants it. Getting back in his music mode Cyffa makes a phone call and talks to his manager about ideas for the next year. Cyffa was so big that year everytime he went to the oceanfront he had to have a lot of his friends with him walking everywhere he was never and still till this day never by his self. “One thing I learned that made me strong today is to never trust anyone and trust yourself. Until those around you show they fighting for the same thing your fighting for they don’t to be around it’s a waste of time.”

In 2019 Cyffa was taking over the OceanFront with his dance moves and popularity. Almost every bar owners, club owners, restaurant owners and more know he was. Cyffa was cool with The Russians that traveled to Virginia and the Turkish students that traveled to Virginia whome they called him ISA meaning Jesus or leader of the people. The Jewish people loved Cyffa as well which he become friends with on 22st to 19st. Cyffa knee being cool with the foreigners would unit the oceanfront more and making himself the most important person on the oceanfront. 2019 Cyffa was going to every bar and club dance battling anyone and still till this day in 2021 hasn’t lost a dance battle in his territory since. “I see greatness in the oceanfront much bigger than what the city has to offer.” “Virginia’s City board settles and never wants to create new ideas instead Virginia loves to stay ancient no new laws no new entertainment.” “Virginia to me needs more than what our Mayor is offering just because we’re a commonwealth state doesn’t mean we want to stay like this forever.” We need something new to the table because there’s talent here and because of the city board of Virginia we are left behind and their okay with that and I’m not.” Everytime I go to the oceanfront they only display country music and what white people want to hear. I never walk on the oceanfront and hear all genres. We need a change. “2021 I’ll be making the oceanfront a lot more fun doing what I want to do for the people.” Make things entertaining more and a selective genre pick for people not only inside clubs but outside as well. “I should be seeing real rappers and singer on the stage not some old man blowing a flute.” Things like that draws Virginia off the radar cause now travelers and people that wants to know about Virginia are going to remember an old man on the flute instead of wanted come back to Virginia because they had the best time of their life.

In 2021 Cyffa’s goal is change Virginia on how they move musically and controversially because it’s tike for a change. Cyffa plans in the future to have a Virginian Hollywood the only Hollywood on the east side and plans on moving effectively with no remorse. It’s time put old faces in the ground and new faces in the offices.

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