Dae Jones, Founder of Ahfirm Music Group on Making a Futuristic Music Label

Dae Jones is at the forefront of the music industry, one of the youngest and most successful songwriters in years. She is leveraging her music to influence and inspire listeners, and her determination is one of the reasons she has already achieved so much in her life. Showcasing her distinctive style and perfecting it bit by bit, this rapper is on the verge to make a mark in the rap scene in the country.

The Chicago native was signed to Island Records. However, the artist has taken a leap towards becoming an entrepreneur. Dae Jones is no longer with Island Records and has started her exclusive Label, which helps the next generation of talented, hard-working musicians find a stage to showcase their talent. It’s a platform where artists can collaborate and learn from each other.

Ahfirm Music Group :

Dae Jones has made her mark by taking her music to another level. The best way to do this is through Ahfirm Music Group, and Dae will be representing her organization with pride. The music group is based in Chicago, Illinois, and the current President of the group is Sade Grant. Popularly known as a music artist, she decided to halt her career and start an organization or a platform for all the other artists to provide the opportunities that she lacked at the beginning of her career.

Ahfirm Music Group is an independent record label built to help artists promote their music through exclusive singles, features, concerts, campaigns and more. Ahfirm is a fun-filled platform for working with many industry experts and pioneers supporting, guiding all budding artists who are trying to push their limits.

Dae Jones has recently signed Journey Jayda under her new management company. She aims to provide a platform for talented artists and gives them the freedom to focus on the artistic aspects, and the Label handles rest

Purpose of Ahfirm Music Group :

The existence of multiple genres makes up the wonderful world of music. From classical to pop, jazz to reggae, there is something for everyone. Music allows people to express themselves freely through art and develop their musical style. Ahfirm focuses on creating a culture where people can live out their dreams and grow into whoever they want to be. They are firmly committed to creating an environment that nurtures talent and creativity.

The mission is to help artists discover their gifts and use them for good. The purpose is to provide a space for artists to develop, grow and become the best they can be. Ahfirm Music Group advocates independence, creativity, and service through music to keep art alive in the world.

“Determination, self-motivation and the ability to overcome adversity set specific individuals apart from the rest. Ahfirm Music Group understands that every artist has a unique sound. They help their talent develop their music, and the goal is to allow the creators to grow as individuals and find their voice through music production and distribution.

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