Daisy Romero of El Cholo’s Kid Talks About Her Sustainable Fashion Handbag Brand

If you’re in the market for a chic bag made from recycled materials this summer, look no further. El Cholo’s Kid is a sustainable fashion accessories brand bringing Mexican artisan items front and center with eco-friendly designs that tell a story. While being colorful enough to brighten anyone’s day, the accessories give a glimpse into Mexican artisan culture through an updated and stylish lens that speaks to different types of people. 

Founded by Daisy Romero in 2008, El Cholo’s Kid was originally a curated shop where Romero would sell cultural finds she would discover during her travels to Mexico. She would find herself at markets and be fond of how hardworking the artisans were.

In Southern Mexico specifically, Romero noticed how bags made out of plastic materials were a popular form of art. Additionally, the inspiration behind the name came about from her childhood when she would visit her dad’s neighborhood in Mexico. Often, the people there would refer to her as “El Cholo’s Kid.”

Realizing how popular the bags were, Romero started to buy more bags handwoven by artisan weavers. Her love for bright and happy colors motivated her to create something of her own while making the story of her culture come to life by her bags.

Through her brand, it’s interesting to see how plastic can be converted into a statement accessory piece that can become a timeless feature of a person’s daily wardrobe.

The material used for the bags comes from single-use plastic bottles that are shredded and then woven in frames. While the bags and brand have grown in popularity, Romero has remained a one-person operation.

Although marketed to Latina women, the brand has also found its place in those interested in lessening their carbon footprint. To truly stay consistent with her eco-friendly image, the business owner also ensures to use zero-waste packaging. 

Romero admits how she was always attracted to the independence that comes with being an entrepreneur. However, since her launch, it’s been an eye-opening learning experience for her. Many elements go into running a business, especially a small business, that most people do not realize.

Compared to mass retailers, small businesses cannot offer the same level of convenience and speed when shipping products. A significant takeaway for business owners is that “not every customer will be your customer.” 

Currently, Romero is focused on expanding her business into hand-printed textiles, including bandanas and scarves, and introducing new styles in the near future. She believes that this trend of making something new out of something old is here to stay. There are also many growth opportunities, especially as the younger generation becomes less interested in supporting fast fashion brands. 

Check out her amazing pieces on her website, including her bestsellers, the MINI multicolor, and the black mini. Stay updated on new launches on her Instagram (@elcholoskid).

El Cholo's Mini Black Straw Bag
MINI Black Bag 

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