Damian Prosalendis Went From Rags to Riches When He Turned 20

Damian Prosalendis became a millionaire out of necessity. As a student of Chemical Engineering in Greece, he had to endure a penniless lifestyle involving a $200 monthly donation from his parents, university food stamps, and a mattress that he collected from the garbage. 

From his roach-infested dorm room, Prosalendis set upon changing his destiny, leaving misery behind, and becoming the CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. He was looking for a way out of poverty, a project that required zero overhead and could wield impressive profits.

Out of a cheap laptop with a poor connection and leveraging the infrastructure of Fiverr.com, one of the largest service marketplaces on the web, Prosalendis started monetizing his copywriting and marketing skills as a self-taught professional. 

Prosalendis was just 19 when he made the bold decision to quit formal studies. This platform was an alternative form of education that made him land his first $1,000,000 at a fraction of the time needed for someone to get a degree. Later, he created Conquering Fiverr via his Anax Publishing company that trained over 100 people on how to secure a 6-figure income off this platform.

Today, Prosalendis is the founder of SPXMAC, a successful consulting firm for Amazon Sellers. Aged 24, he combines this huge enterprise with Badass Talent (a Miami-based model and talent agency,) Studio Badass (a luxury lifestyle video production company,) and ProsaMedia, a marketing agency for companies aspiring to become market leaders. 

He efficiently diversifies even further, investing in real estate in Dubai, USA, and Greece, as well as maintaining a multi-million dollar Forex and stock investment portfolio.

This broke college dropout with no business experience, family pedigree, and connections made it to the illustrious pages of Forbes Magazine, among other inspiring success stories. Inspired by legendary Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis and surrounded by achievers, he sees technology as the vehicle that will get him to that level at a much younger age.

Based on his “figure it out as you go” philosophy, Prosalendis focuses on the execution rather than refining the idea itself. The wealthiest people on earth got successful by masterfully applying simple principles on mainstream types of businesses, not through extremely innovative concepts.

It’s all in knowing the fundamentals of business and acting on common-sense grounds, not over-specializing in one sector. “You simply find a skill, develop it, and monetize it,” he explains. Anyone who dares and persists can nail it. He lacked resources and advantage but made up for them using his brains. 

Prosalendis describes his journey as the effort to push a giant ball up a cliff against the force of gravity. You try hard in the beginning, and it gets harder as you reach the top, without any obvious benefit in sight. Then, almost magically, the ball starts rolling, and your perseverance pays off. At this point, it usually looks like an overnight success, because other people are not aware of the sweat and pain involved in the first chapters of the story when you are struggling to conquer your mind and gain control of your destiny. 

Once you succeed, you might rest on your laurels for a while. He admits to such a hiatus, which gave him the opportunity to travel the world and lead a big-spender lifestyle, realizing later that he had to stay in control to secure his family’s financial freedom. 

Winning in business takes time, and you need to practice every single day. Yet that winning keeps you motivated. These are words of wisdom he shares with his multi-talented team of 200,000+ combined followers on his Instagram and Twitter

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