Damon Woodward Explains How to Come Out on Top of the Ruthlessness in the Business World

Skeptics would say that exiting a very stable mining industry and walking away from a six-figure salary to venture into the unpredictable real estate investing world is a foolish move. But for Damon Woodward, that was the risk that really paid off. His start wasn’t easy, but he learned from his mistakes and today he is the CEO of Leadway Holdings Ltd. and Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd. (Blackcard University). On top of that, he successfully runs two multi-million dollar companies.

Damon has earned millions of dollars from his real estate ventures with his exceptional strategies that span from single-family flips over smaller multi-family homes to larger apartment buildings. In 2020 he purchased 81 units of real estate, which required several millions of dollars of renovations, but he earned a hefty compensation in the process.

Damon’s past few years are filled with stories like this, but he thinks that his life wouldn’t have turned out like this if he hadn’t met his former coach and mentor Stefan Aarnio. Damon’s start in life was a harsh one; he moved out on his own at the age of 14. He always knew that he had a lot of potential, and he aimlessly wandered through the world, looking for a place to turn his potential into reality.

Damon embraced Stefan’s teachings and advice, and eventually, it paid off. “I put a lot of trust in Stefan Aarnio and moved across the country to follow his advice in hopes of becoming successful,” Damon says. “Stefan used to say in all of his videos that you need to learn how to sell and make $100,000 per year on straight commission before you are qualified to scale your own business.”

Damon took every piece of Stefan’s advice to heart, and they showed him the way to a place of abundance from which he managed to build a foundation for his—now—very successful businesses. Damon strongly believes that having a mentor and coach who will guide you through all business hardships is the only way to grow from aspiring entrepreneur to professional and successful businessman.

Most often, people are only one relationship away from completely transforming their lives, and that is precisely the reason why Damon decided to become the CEO of Blackcard University and continue Stefan’s legacy of guiding aspiring entrepreneurs to their new futures.

According to Damon, business newcomers don’t realize that business is a ruthless game and that it follows almost identical rules as the streets. Damon overcame many challenges earlier in his life and, unfortunately, learned these lessons the hard way. The most important thing to have in business and on the streets is integrity and being a man of one’s word.

Damon says that many people who have been in business for ten years or longer lack the true essence and are not on the same playing field as him. “I made a lot of mistakes growing up because of my circumstances, but I also learned a lot about how the world works, and that definitely gives me an edge in my businesses,” he says. “There is a whole other world out there that most people don’t have the opportunity to experience, and that can leave them completely exposed.”

For more advice on becoming a professional entrepreneur, check out Damon’s YouTube channel and follow his Instagram page (@damonwoodward3). If you need a mentor and coach, you can find one at Blackcard University’s web page.

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