Dance of the Color and Brush With the Melody of Musical Notes

In the last 100 years, music has played an essential role in the evolution of visual art styles. The music has been a source of inspiration for those artists who aspire to produce a pure and transcendent art form. Music has also been used as an allegory, artists have discovered innovative and unusual techniques in their artistic approach by listening to music and emulating it in their work.

One of the people who has created unique and interesting works by this means is Yalda Dousti, an Iranian talented artist and master of painting. She recently announced of a new collection which she is completing, and its possible name would be “Read me”.

The “read me” collection has been painted in the contemporary-abstract style to convey the painter’s deep feelings by creating lines and shapes. And also she has used various materials and tools In this collection.

According to her, the integration of tools to gather helps the painter and the viewer to get a specific inner connection and conveys the feelings and meanings behind each idea well. But the remarkable point of her work is the effect of Mohammad Reza’s melodious music and song on her collection.

Shajarian is a popular traditional musical artist and the jewel of the Iranian music base.

According to Yalda, she has loved traditional music since childhood, and Master Shajarian’s songs have always filled her with a pure sense and emotional feelings of living.

The inspiration of Making Her collection and the miracle that made her paint again after about ten years started while she was listening to one of Shajarian’s songs that one of her friends sent to her, and the astonishing magic of the music made her realize and discover her intense interest in painting as she had the feeling like she found an old loss in her life; Therefore, she owes this change and the beginning of returning to the path of professional painting and sequently success, due to the music of this master to a large extent.

Unlike many artists who want to be seen separately and to be shown off, this girl has a special emphasis on publishing her new collection with other artists and her artist friends because she believes that the community of artists should be more united than others because being united and considering themselves as a part of one large and complete community, creates stunning and long-lasting artworks.

And so to create her new collection, she used some interesting works of a creative and young composer who combines Shajarian’s music with his style that has changed and combined to other terms which made them more modern and popular.

He also intends to collaborate with another artist to calligraphy a small part of lyrics from Shajarian’s songs that she had also listened to while painting her collection before, and her other aim of this collaboration is to blend the collection and the gallery’s atmosphere more poetic and artistic.

In general, inspiration from music is one of the inseparable phenomena of the world of color and painting because music, due to its ambiguous and metaphorical language, leads the human mind to implicit semantic meanings.

Implicit implications belong to the field of association of mental images. Music awakens the feelings of those experiences in us by awakening similar experiences recorded in the mind to identify ourselves, which is why we experience different emotions from the different songs and melodies. The emotions that make the artist ecstatic and even made yalda’s hands dance to the melodies and the voice of heavenly music king of Iran, shajarian.

And to Yalda, this mystical and audio dance has not only led to the creation of artworks, but has also caused her deep resentment, and has led her to decide to spend about 60 to 70 percent of the selling cost of her works in her gallery on charities. In addition to conveying a pleasant feeling through her art to people and helping them.

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