Daniel Ogoloma: Democracy Is Not Under Attack, Consultants Just Got Smarter

One look into the world of politics today, we find serval reasons to believe democracy has failed. Elections now look like they are purchased by the biggest spenders with cash for data machines that can sway voter behavior. Fake news continuously goes viral, marketing firms oversee and control large amounts of information ecosystems, voters are manipulated, and firms are selling invasive systems that have similar abilities as intelligence agencies: our democracy and public life is under attack. Yet lawmakers turn to the market mechanism when they attempt to improve the credibility of technology companies. Luckily, tools such as antitrust regulation can serve as a good model for their efforts. Whatever happened to the days of clean canvassing and fair news coverage?!

Although I see big tech firms as new government war machines, some don’t.
I came across a Daniel Ogoloma, someone who is fairly influential in the UK and Nigerian political space. He brands himself as a new generation political consultant. He believes that democracy is not under attack, however, consultants just got smarter. I must say that statement has a roger Stone undertone to it!

Daniel Ogoloma was born and raised in London and displayed an inclination to all things that oozed newness, innovation, and creativity from a young age. As a kid, Ogoloma saw himself as a thinker with innate creative skills and talents. I mean, he is currently studying at the prestigious Oxford University in the UK, he is an officer in training at the famous Sandhurst military academy and already has experience in supporting candidates in national and global elections.
He is the fifth child of ambitious Nigerian parents. He claims he got his drive to help the wider community from his mother who he said has served in the UK home office for over 15 years. Further inspiration came from community leaders and teachers that had faith in him along the way.

There is no doubting some highly anticipated elections are fast approaching in the UK and Nigeria but I wonder which one is on Daniel’s radar. The 2021 London mayoral contest or even the big showdown in Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election? Daniel Ogoloma will probably have his hands in the mix. But where exactly does his expertise lie?

Maybe his ability to mobilize black voters for the white rich elite? Placing a positive spin on negative stories? Or maybe he’s just a lucky talisman so he is kept close? Whatever it is, it seems to be working.

As a consultant and advocate for good governance, Daniel Ogoloma oozes a powerful self-belief in his ability to pioneer a new approach to the world of governance.
He boasts at having a very experienced board of senior advisors at top finance and media firms, as well as a small community of the most intelligent students and data analysts on his team. To know more about this young man, follow him on Instagram @dcogoloma, it gets exciting at times.

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