Daniele Comelli is a Highly Reputed Art Dealer and Advisor in the International Market

Daniele Comelli is an art advisor, collector, enthusiast and entrepreneur whose expertise, market knowledge and insight into the international art world make him a valuable partner for individuals, institutions, foundations and companies.

He caters to all sorts of clients through his online art gallery, the Daniele Comelli online art gallery where he has managed to create a platform for not just established artists but even for those who are up and coming and need a place to showcase their talents.

Daniele’s advisory services include the management of collections, assistance with the sale or purchase of artworks on the primary and secondary art market; consultancy on starting a collection; advice on artwork installation and conservation; organisation of exhibitions, including catalogue production; and, also, home delivery of purchased pieces of art.

Talking about his work and how he got started, Comelli shares,

My family has been in the art business for generations and that is where my love for art comes from. We have our own gallery back home but I wanted to do something more and make it out on my own so I came up with the idea of an online gallery and I had a lot of faith in it because I was taking my knowledge of art and combined it with modern technology and it turned out to be a bigger success than I thought. Because of the pandemic, everything went online and that gave me an advantage because during this time, my gallery had been in the digital space for about two years already whereas many others were just starting off.

Daniele assists his clients throughout all stages of collecting, from identifying opportunities to buy or sell works to helping them navigate the myriad issues related to collection management. He also works with artists to help them developstrategies for their careers.

He acts as a trusted advisor to both private individuals and corporate clients, particularly those in the financial services industry

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