Darius James: Entrepreneurial Tips From an Independent Mortgage Broker and CEO

Darius James started out as a teenager with a plan. At just nineteen, he began strategically planning his career. He is a military veteran with eight years in the army reserves, but his end goal was to become an entrepreneur and independent mortgage broker.

James has always believed in himself. He knew he had the potential to change people’s lives. Now he uses his expertise to help and inspire others. James helps clients reach their financial goals and face all the challenges that come with buying a home. Owning a home and being financially sound provides people with stability which is something James is passionate about.

Learning from the Best

James knew that in order to help others he had to learn from the best. He sought out the country’s largest and most successful lenders, including Quicken Loans, Loan Depot, Caliber Home loans, and Home Point Financial. He began his career as a Mortgage Loan

Originator for the largest lender in the company and quickly became one of their top producers.
James then went on to serve as Director of Business Development for Home Point Financial where he was essential in acquiring new business and customer relations. This wasn’t an easy climb to the top. With each step, James had to learn how to navigate complex financial situations. He became an expert in coordinating borrowers with lenders that would best fit his client’s needs.

Reaching Success

His goal is to set families up for success long-term‒not just look at competitive rates. This can make a world of difference for clients. Most borrowers understand the fundamental processes involved in real estate, but it’s easy to make mistakes that could end up setting you back.

Now with ten years of experience, James is still excited to provide a personalized experience using the latest technology and tools available to find the right mortgage for borrowers. His clients benefit from his experience which saves them a lot of time, money, and energy. It’s a more personable experience that clients can actually benefit from and learn.

A Self-Made Man

Clients, coworkers, employees, and those in James’s community all agree that he is a shining example of a self-made man. He is an expert in every area of the mortgage process and is dedicated to helping clients buy the home of their dreams. Clients never feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the buying process.

Buying a house and building a business are two of the most treacherous yet rewarding moments in life. That’s why James continues to inspire and encourage others to go in the direction of their dreams. He is now the President and CEO of Porch Point Mortgage. The company aims to be one of the largest African American-owned mortgage companies. His proven track record makes him one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry today.

For more information, visit: https:/porchpointmortgage.com/

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