Darriel Roy Interviews Music Legend Carlos Santana on her Talk Show

Everyone seeks inspiration to achieve excellence in life. We all have looked upon different role models to get on the pathway of success.

Creating a roadway of her own, Darriel Roy has created waves for her incredible work. Recognised as Oprah Winfrey’s modern-day protege by the world’s leading publications, Darriel Roy has transformed people’s lives with her one-of-a-kind show, The Darriel Roy Show.

Following the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, Darriel has put her best foot forward with her stellar TV show. Being a visionary is, Roy is a woman of substance and is a highly-regarded television personality, journalist, and host.

Over the years, Darriel Roy has contributed significantly to the media and journalism field. Before embarking on her career in journalism, Roy was the Miss Canada contestant and held the Miss Ontario pageant for Miss Canada International.

However, getting into the other side of the media industry was perhaps the best decision made by Darriel. Intending to share inspirational stories of notable personalities, her show has changed the facet, thereby becoming one of the most-watched TV shows. Darriel has had the biggest names on her show coming from different walks of life. The latest name who graced the presence on her show is the music legend and guitarist Carlos Santana.

Darriel is overwhelmed with the musical maestro making the attendance to her talk show. “It is always encouraging to see such celebrated names attend the show. I have always learnt something from the guests who have been a part of my show. Every person has a different journey towards success. There’s nothing better than getting to know eminent personalities from a closer perspective”, revealed Darriel.

Among other biggies who have been interviewed by Darriel in the past are Ryan Reynolds, James Franco, Snoop Dogg, Rachel McAdams, Seth Rogen, Ed Sheeran, Sean Paul, and Russell Peters to name a few.

Besides this, Netflix founder Marc Randolph and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have also been on the interviewee’s seat with the celebrity TV host. Having hosted the biggest names from the different fields, Darriel Roy was earlier featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, MSN, TMZ Live, Billboard and Rogers Television.

Darriel Roy is currently on cloud nine after hitting the century with the 100th episode. Taking cues from the legendary Oprah Winfrey, she is in a completely different league now. Bringing the best of names from different fields, The Darriel Roy Show has been ruling the media industry with the motivational stories of global personalities.

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