Darshan Sankhala: Celebrated as One of the Greatest Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Filmmakers

It perhaps takes years to build a name certain name for oneself or to reach a certain prominent position in life. However, ever wondered what has really helped some people reach this pinnacle of success? Some may say dedication, commitment and passion; but the truth of the matter is that a person’s success story is created by an amalgamation of these qualities and virtues coupled with a lot of perseverance. Darshan Sankhala is a name in the business world today that goes beyond any definition. He is a man of substance, who knew that entrepreneurship was in his DNA and hence, kept moving ahead in his quest to become one among the greatest in the space.

From where do we start about this business gentleman, who has shown that when individuals believe in what they do, no odds can be great enough to be a hurdle on their path. Darshan Sankhala has created a name for himself in the vast entrepreneurial world exuding many talents, starting right from entrepreneurship, to being a certified sound healer, reiki expert, host, producer, filmmaker, motivational speaker and a traveller. Amongst all these niches, Darshan Sankhala proves his leadership and strong work ethics, which has now raised his stocks as an author as well.

He authored the book, ‘Next Gen Ecosystem’, which has been appreciated by a lot of readers and has gained great popularity in a very short period. Darshan Sankhala, through the book, speaks about our next appraised generation with high levels of appraisals in every beneficiary aspect that would affect our living and redefine success through the next wave of growth. He says that he feels elated to share a few updates through the e-book that may be available to all in the next generation days. Next-Gen Ecosystem is available on Amazon and is praised by everyone.

This very topic of the next generation ecosystem has also motivated Darshan Sankhala to initiate his latest firm in the real sector industry in the form of Spazeden. This is an altogether new approach to doing real estate business and is today considered the best online marketplace to help people find out the next flexible workspace or office. It is backed by revolutionary technology and changes the perspectives of people for the better for renting and selling real estate.

Spazeden has become a global phenomenon today, disrupting the real estate sector for the better, which has further made Darshan Sankhala, a notable business personality. Darshan Sankhala has a long list of credentials to his name. He is an entrepreneur who helms Raamapeer industrial corporation and Raamapeer studios. He went ahead to create ROL BOL – ‘Rest Of Life – Best Of Life, a motivational revolution that has been changing lives ever since its inception with several verticals, including ROL BOL Skills, ROL BOL Talks, and ROL BOL Clubs.

As a filmmaker and producer, Darshan Sankhala is all excited for his next project; a web series, currently in the scripting stage, to get released this year. There’s probably nothing this ace entrepreneur has not aced and hence, this makes him one of the greatest entrepreneurs, authors and filmmakers.

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