Dave Childz is set to Release his Next Studio Album “Welcome To Madness” in 2021

Synthesizing sounds, creating beats and recording songs to take music production to the next level takes an immense level of love, devotion, and commitment to the art. To find your own unique sound on top of this will create an intoxicating combination that will have listeners begging for more.

One highly-gifted and talented musical artist who has reached this level of musical success is Dave Childz, American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from the Bronx, New York.

Childz has developed his own unique sound by infusing his life experiences and eclectic taste in music to the point where he his Instagram account @DaveChildz has grown over 100k organic, highly engaged followers as well as reaching millions of streams across multiple streaming platforms, including over a million streams on two songs on Spotify, “The Regular” and “Strawberry Skies” both from the album “Strawberry Skies” (2018). 

Overwhelming faith in oneself will set you free

Childz attributes his level of overwhelming faith in himself to his musical success and blocking out the noise of others and the world who try to suppress your dreams.

“Constructive criticism is good (keyword constructive), but sometimes you have to block out the white noise. An artist is going to hear so many “No’s” before they even start, so they have to make sure they remember to tell themselves “YES”. Learn the business you’re entering and maintain faith in your creative abilities. Think of them as your sword and shield.”

In a world full of limitless opportunities and possibilities, despite what many believe, it is possible to pursue a path in creativity and art and still generate revenue. Many of us are under the impression the only way to grow a successful career is by working a 40-hour a week desk job, however a profession in the arts can be regarded as even more fruitful and rewarding as artists are fueled by their own unique inspiration – and when passion meets creativity, a new level of happiness and bliss can be found.

“Welcome to Madness” studio album coming in 2021

Childz utilizes his melodic hooks and lyrical flows accompanied by energetic, yet soulful production to create a soundtrack to life. Gone are the days when artists had to rely on record labels to produce and release their music. As technology and the internet evolves, creatives are taking their careers into their own hands, producing and releasing music on their own accord.

In 2021, Childz is set to release his next studio album “Welcome To Madness” and has plans to continue releasing a steady stream of singles in the upcoming future.

2021 will also see the summer/fall release of the Welcome To Madness collection for his ATFL merch brand and Childz also has plans to announce his first international tour in 2022.

As an independent musician, Childz is also a full-time entrepreneur. He has consistently excelled in refining his skill when it comes to the business mentality as well as the high-quality delivery of his music and takes pride in producing only his realest and best for his listeners.

Listen to Dave Childz on Spotify and Apple Music.

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