David Fichman Aspires to Create a System Where People Will Have the Freedom to Be Themselves

David Fichman pondered upon the idea of Bootcamp after he finally found his calling. After years of trying to find a sense of purpose and wanting to make a change in the world and how society perceives it, Fichman realized that the answer to his longing was quite simple: empathy and understanding. It was when Fichman was in Cyprus and founded his own company, that he discovered how much he enjoyed connecting with his employees. Fichman knew what he wanted to do when he heard the words “you’ve changed my life” for the first time. He quit his business and founded Bootcamp to change as many more as he could.

Bootcamp is a place where people can find solace in being understood and heard, and where problems like gambling, depression, and family issues can be addressed openly without any fear of judgments.

“We are all competing in a race that does not exist.” I strongly feel as though the systems that we have all been raised in have conditioned us to measure ourselves by false metrics. Intelligence, talent, and skill are all subjective traits that we have become obsessed with mastering. One of the aims of my business is to shatter these preconceptions,” shares Fichman.

Fichman’s main goal is to fix the system that has conditioned humans to measure their self-worth by false metrics. Intelligence, skill, talent are purely subjective traits that need not be compared to a gold standard. This is exactly how Fichman hires new talent. He doesn’t look for talent in a candidate, but wants to see if they have a passion for the cause like he does.

“I don’t hire for talent. I hire for passion. I have generally found that if my employees have the passion for their work, then I can shift their focus and guide them towards their full potential. Passion is a prerequisite for talent,” says Fichman.

At Bootcamp, a disciplined and strict moral code is followed to deconstruct the issues of those seeking help. People come to Bootcamp with either their social and psychological issues, or their desire to succeed in the business world. Both their problems and their solutions are addressed methodically. The seed of the matter is attended to and clients are further helped to make permanent changes in their lives; whether that means a new, liberating perspective on their problems or a fresh take on how to succeed in their life and business ventures. Bootcamp both helps people and pushes them to reach their potential.

Fichman wishes he had listened more to what was being advised to him initially, by people – more experienced than him – when he was starting out his journey in the corporate world. Sometimes people tend to ignore wise advice by coming under the influence of their egos.

“I would simply listen. All too often our ego clouds our judgment, as we proudly think to ourselves that we know better than those that have already walked the same path. If I had listened more, I would have found the answers that I needed to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes I made along the way. These answers are surprisingly available. What is unsurprising, however, is the ego that prevents us from listening to them,” elaborates Fichman.

Unlike most people in the industry, Fichman wears his heart on his sleeve. He operates from a place of complete honesty and compassion and always puts the needs of others over his. His empathy distinguishes him from the rest of his contemporaries in the industry, and also his will to learn and grow along his business journey.

Knowing that there are people out there who need help and support motivates the young entrepreneur to push himself to work harder every single day.

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