David Wongk Is a Self-Made Entrepreneur and a Skincare Expert

David Wongk is among few who have set an example before the world stating that he can be a winner at any point of time in the direction he wanted to fly. He used to be a mechanic and pilot for planes and was seen with a stable job when he realized that there are not many good beauty care products. That made him enter the world of skin and hair care products taking the best route to market and earn big in the first six months. He embarked with his company called Pure Tropix. He used his entrepreneurship skills to sell his products wide using Instagram.

He was able to embark upon 100K USD sales in his first six months, which was encouraging for him to quit his job and focus on his new business. He soon turned things in his favor and made the earnings stable with his company impressing everyone with his natural skin care and hair care products making him the mogul of the Natural Beauty industry. Now, his earnings from the natural beauty products have turned regular by earning around 50K USD on a monthly basis and the recent update suggests that the sales have gone beyond that figure getting him close to 200K USD.

Besides this company, he also embarked upon with one more called LUXURIA ELIXIR, which is also a skin care company, which deals with the luxury high end. We see both of his companies being featured in top magazines like Vogue, Allure, and Glamour. He has also embarked upon his new venture called “6 Figure Beauty Brand Course.” This helps the students to start their own beauty brand, which can include hair, skin or lashes. He was even awarded for his achievements and is now going great guns with his companies dealing with skin and hair care in the US.

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