Day1 Anti Is Putting On For His Team and Creating a Life He Loves Through Music

Day1 Anti is in music for the right reasons

With a majority of the world left feeling lost with no sense of direction due to the Global pandemic that started back in March of 2020, many people have folded and caved to the circumstances, rather than adjusting. Adapting to the new world that is now more heavily tech based than ever, we are seeing a transition in many fields, including music.

The music world has transformed into a space that is driven by the internet and the way a song is “rolled out.” For many new artists, that concept is beyond them, and they get left in the dust when 60,000 other songs are uploaded to Spotify the same day theirs is, with no push behind it. As for Day1 Anti, he has seen this change of direction and is ready to capitalize on his opportunity to make a name for himself in the world of music.

Coming from Detroit, Michigan, Day1 Anti has grown up and seen what it is like to fall victim to the external environment you’re in. He has always wanted more for himself than Detroit has to offer and refused to end up like so many people from his area do.

Destined to create a life he loves living and provide for those closest to him, Day1 Anti has gone all in on his music career and is ready to prove that he belongs among the ranks of some of the best in the game.

Last year, in October of 2020, Day1 Anti decided he was going to make the switch and he hasn’t turned back since. He knows what he has to do in order to get to the position that he wants to be in and will stop at nothing until he gets there.

Day1 Anti has put a massive chip on his shoulder and is working day in and day out until he reaches his goals. He intends to rise to the occasion when his time comes, and until then he’s locked in, focused on his craft.

Ready to take his career to new heights, Day1 Anti is eager to see where his music career takes him. He has his vision set in place, now it is all about trusting the process to get there.

Big things are in store for this flourishing young artist, as he is only just beginning. Stay connected with Day1 Anti so you don’t miss a single part of his journey from here on out and watch as he makes his way to the top of the rap music industry.

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