Dayan Ibrar; a Self-taught Developer who Created Multiple Companies at the age of 15

Dayan Ibrar

Dayan Ibrar (born 06-June-2005) is a 16-year-old Pakistan born American self-taught full stack developer, investor, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and a game developer. He is the founder and the CEO of Xidas Academy. He founded Quad Grafix which is an interior design company right now and a future home automation company. He is also holding the current leadership position as the Technology Director at and a former intern developer at

About Dayan:

Dayan Ibrar started learning how to code when he was 13 and he picked up everything very quickly, at the age of 14 he started using unity engine for game development where he learned the software and C# programming language, later he developed and launched his own game.

At the age of 15 Dayan founded Xidas Academy and 2 other companies and now he is going for a Million-dollar game using unreal engine and C++. He has learned not only one but all the languages from basic HTML to Python, C++, and Technologies Stack like MERN.

Dayan’s Story:

Dayan Ibrar was born in Lahore, Pakistan on the 6th of June 2005. He then moved to Sargodha City and studied in Air Base College. Dayan use to pick up games very quickly, so his father told him to start coding which he started doing around the age of 13 where he started with online courses and picked up to go with HTML in the beginning. Dayan was an average student in studies, but he knew that he would be successful one day, he always looked up to people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

In 2019 he came to The United States of America, where he studied and lived with his family in Stafford, Virginia. He was already learning how to Code, but he studied crypto, stock market, graphic designing and learned various professional softwares as well as 3d printing, 3d modeling etc.

Dayan said that he always believed in himself that he would change the world and become a Billionaire one day, He wanted to give his family a good life and live the life he dreamed about. “I am working 18 hours a day without taking a break because I know if I don’t work hard today, I would never be able to do what I want to do”.

He learned Unity Engine and C# language and developed and launched a game on mobile phones. Dayan was working hard, going to school, and learning new stuff every-day, now he knows every language at 15, he worked with which is a mobile application created websites for them and took a leadership position as the Technology Director at a non-profit helping small businesses grow.

Now he is developing a mind-blowing console and pc game with Unreal Engine and C++, later he founded Quad Grafix an interior drop shipping business which he aims to turn it into a home automation company in near future, then he founded Xidas Academy which he developed himself alone in 2021, he wrote more than 150000 lines of code “1 hundred and 50 thousand code”. It is the worlds biggest educational website for people of any age, on his platform students can learn anything from basic school education to lessons like trading, development and more for free and paid too for live lessons and books etc.

Xidas provide online education but Dayan aims to worldwide education centers and is looking forward to make Xidas have their own exams, certifications that have a worth and change the education era into a new one. He said I am providing knowledge worth thousands of dollars for free not for fame or anything but to help people around the world who cannot afford a better education, but education is a human right, and my team will do the best to keep providing this information.

Dayan Ibrar
Dayan Ibrar who turned a self-taught Developer and created multiple companies at the age of 15!

He said I am already working on creating the future of technology right now, but I am still connecting to people about this idea. Dayan holds certifications and certificate of completion of 50 to 100 of hours of multiple courses on game development and web/app development. Dayan Learned all of these from the internet and by reading books. He also invests both in stock market and crypto which is not in his field but have a lot of knowledge in it.

I think these are the people we need to succeed and advance humanity, but he said he will not be the next Elon Musk of the world but the Dayan Ibrar of the world. As well as Dayan Ibrar has accomplished a lot at the age of 16-year-old, and we cannot wait to see him on the top with his great ideas coming into the world from a vision a dream.

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