Debarpan Mukherjee: The Entrepreneur Who Made Millions Through Digital Marketing

Debarpan Mukherjee is one of India’s most famous and renowned digital marketers and entrepreneurs. He made a mark for himself in the business world with no support and shortcut in life. His deep interest in learning about Internet and its scope to create opportunities helped him to reach at this stage in his career.

As an entrepreneur, Debarpan wants to change the way people look at digital marketing. He says that it a diverse field and one can do many things along with just online branding. Mukherjee helps his clients to create a definitive strategy, in keeping a track of the needs and wants of a company’s customers via internet, in optimising their search value and creating a common network for them to connect with the buyers.

Debarpan Mukherjee also helps people via flippa, a website that helps people to flip their sites. He is also an active trader in New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stock Exchange. he Entrepreneur is a big fan of Warren Buffet. Along with running several ventures, Debarpan also invests in real estate/property.

He occasionally loves writing poems, enjoys roller skating, biking and swimming. Despite Achieving so much in a small span of time, Debarpan Mukherjee doesn’t want to limit his dreams. He will soon venture into hotel business. Debarpan says that if a person wants to grow, they will have to spend some money. Once they are successful in creating a business and promoting it among their target audience, they will see quick growth if their services are excellent. He sees Hotel Business as an opportunity to grow and succeed more.

About being an entrepreneur and his success journey, Debarpan Mukherjee says, “I always wanted to grow in my life. It wasn’t always this easy. I lost my parents in 2012 and a few years later, lost my partial vision. I felt loss, became jobless and went into depression. At that time, everything seemed hopeless. But I knew that if I have to change my life, I have to strongly act on it. As I had nothing to lose, I took a chance of using my savings to start my business. I stayed persistent and eventually achieved what I always wanted.”

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