Deejay 8Ball: A Mysterious Multi-Talent with a Promising Future

Deejay 8Ball’s music is turning heads.

Deejay 8Ball, a 24-year-old Detroit artist, has been performing and creating music in the same vein with icons like Marshmello, Daft Punk, and Deadmau5. That “vein” is the art of gaining fame and success while remaining visibly anonymous. Deejay 8Ball gained fame working towards RIAA Certified Gold records with artists like Tory Lanez and Tee Grizzley and performing at music festivals worldwide. In August of 2020, the Detroit-based producer released three solo tracks, looking to expand himself as an artist.

Born Matthew Carrol, Deejay 8Ball has only ever been seen with his signature head piece: a black sphere with a thick white chinstrap. In the style of Marshmello, Deejay 8Ball always dons his head piece, whether he is on a festival stage performing for tens of thousands of people, or if he is simply in the studio working on new tracks. However, Deejay 8Ball is working to redefine the idea of what artists who perform in this style are capable of. With a wide array of expertise in the field of music, Deejay 8Ball attempts to outsource as little as possible – if at all – when it comes to creating his music. Through his skills in production, vocals, and songwriting, the Detroit artists is able to create all the sounds he wishes completely in-house.

Deejay 8Ball is not just finding success due to his mysterious persona: he is creating unique music to back up the hype that he has accrued. In August, the artist released three solo tracks, each displaying a different aspect of his wide repertoire of talent. The standout of these three tracks has been the moody dance hit Dark Side. Sonically speaking, the track his just as enticing as Deejay 8Ball himself as it builds of off a distorted piano riff and it spins into a funky, synth-based track that is impossible not to groove to. Describing his music as “dance-driven pop music”, Deejay 8Ball is building a catalogue of increasingly impressive tracks and accolades.

Building against societal standards, Deejay 8Ball has become RIAA certified Gold three separate times and has amassed over 30,000,00 plays on streaming platforms. The rising electronic artist seemingly knows the powerful hand that he holds when it comes to talent and is playing his cards at all the right times. His audience is always on the lookout for new music and clues to learn more about the peculiar producer. In the meantime, both Deejay 8Ball and his fans are able to relish in the outstanding music he has been able to create in such a short period of time.

To keep up with Deejay 8Ball, check out his Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

Christian Anderson

Written by Christian Anderson

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