Deepak Ojha: Decoding the popularity of Esports

The world has been a little harsh on some careers that generate a lot of money and associate them with a fad. eSports brings that same thought to almost every single soul outside the esports industry. 

People still speculate the eSports industry to be a sham, a deceiving tactic to waste money, and a dead-end career. Deepak Ojha is breaking these false bubbles since 2011 and is one of the many esports enthusiasts in India. TalkEsport, is the most reliable source of learning about the latest developments in and related to the eSports industry. 

Deepak Ojha found his calling in esports at an early stage in life. He was addicted to games but always aspired to a community where he could play and show off his skills. 

That took a lot of time to evolve while Deepak set up his news platform, TalkEsport, to publish news and events about global competitions in the esports industry. He says, “esports has achieved the pinnacle of popularity in such a short time. Short time doesn’t imply five years, as the esports industry existed way before that. 

The sudden boom in gaming, esports and relevant hardware is possible because of the eager and understanding audience. When users witnessed the actuality and the tough competition prevalent in esports, they realized how entertaining playing games have become.”

According to Deepak, this surge will not stop anytime soon. The esports industry is a lot bigger than just Fortnite and CSGO. Deepak Ojha shared his insights into the expansive universe of eSports. He says, “esports is not just limited to the games and the developers. It is a lot more than that. esports powers many industries that come together to hold a single global event.

In the last five years, esports has made another great addition to the community: mobile gamers. Mobile esports allow even players without an exorbitant rig to play and compete with each other. PUBG Mobile is a great example of how esports developed in developing countries like India and has evolved into a profession rather than just pure pleasure.”

Esports brings a ton of employment opportunities to the table. Far more than any other new industry launched in recent years. Deepak explains, “Even tiny esports events are ginormous in comparison to any other public event. Each event presents employment opportunities for ground staff, system managers, event managers, security mechanisms, state of the art cinematography and videography.

Everything has to be top-notch as the audience for any eSports event can be in hundreds of thousands, both offline and online. Moreover, as the esports industry expands, the news for quality streamers, tech savants, moderators, digital marketers grows. It is the reason why I stress so much on esports and the opportunity it brings to the table.” 

Deepak Ojha is currently tweaking TalkEsport to become the numero uno eSports coverage portal on a global level and has many prospective investors in the pipeline.

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