Defense Investigator Paris London Talks About His Upcoming Investigative Book

It takes a dedicated team to win a case in court. As such, every person on the team has a significant role to play in order to deliver the best outcome for their client. One lesser-known member of the defense team is the defense investigator. This person is tasked to find information that can help the case and the client.

Paris London is the Chief Investigator of The Detective Agency, and he is set to release his new book, all about How to Investigate a Federal Criminal Case from the defense perspective. This will be one of the first of its kind to serve as a blueprint to both defendants and other investigators.

A great defense lawyer knows that a large part of what happens at trial is a direct result of the work done outside the courtroom. This work is made up of research, investigation, and gathering additional information. These are things that may prove to be too much for a lawyer to handle on his own, especially as he prepares for the case. This is why Paris London encourages defendants to hire an investigator.

During the course of his 30-year career, Paris London has seen many people incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, all because they had no one to look into their side of their criminal case. He explained, “The prosecuting attorney has the police investigating for them. I want defendants to realize that the police will not be investigating on their behalf. Getting a defense investigator gives them a better chance of charges being reduced or dismissed.”

In his upcoming book, Paris London shares tips and advice when it comes to getting an investigator, as well as why it’s important to investigate the facts. He said, “Often, I am the man behind the man. Lawyers can’t always investigate every little thing, so it falls on my team and me to look into the things that can help clients get favorable results.”

Paris London’s new book also sheds light on the need to investigate law enforcement investigations. He shared, “We never really know for sure what we’re going to find. It can be the smallest thing that ends up helping the client.” He further explains this through metaphor. “Say you have a pile of rocks, and then you see a desk piled high with all these rocks.

And you have to turn over every single rock to find the one piece that has the information you need. If you don’t uncover one specific detail, that could determine whether or not the client will face prison time or not.”

This upcoming book will also help readers gain a better understanding of their criminal case and the procedures and protocols that need to be followed investigating a federal case. “For example, I share information here in the book about what to do if you have a confidential informant on your case, and how to investigate a wiretap case,” Paris London said, “I also provide things like checklist, and techniques that need to be followed in determining a favorable outcome in your federal criminal case.

The fight for justice is a long, arduous, and complicated process.The wheels of justice grind slow, It takes a team of dedicated and highly skilled individuals to make a successful case. To this end, Paris London is coming out with his new book to raise awareness on the importance of acquiring the services of a defense investigator. He said, “We look for the other side of the story, and we find the information to help your case get the best possible outcome.”

Paris London has been a defense investigator for over 30 years. Paris is also the Chief Investigator at The Detective Agency and is currently preparing to release his new investigative book. To learn more about his work, you may visit this website.

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