Deimira Paa Baidoo: The Importance of Marketing Strategy in Business 

Deimira Paa Baidoo is a digital marketing specialist, partnering with builders in Calgary, Alberta to help them bring in new business and grow their brands. 

“Normally, I advise businesses on what I think needs to be done to ensure that the business grows.” 

Deimira stresses the importance of hiring a marketing professional no matter what your industry is, because it always pays off in the long run. 

“A lot of people are good at what they do. They might be a butcher, they might be a lawyer, they might be an accountant, they might be in construction – but you know, marketing is not their cup of tea.” 

That’s where Deimira Baidoo comes in to educate his clients and to provide them with timely advice about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing. 

“Nowadays, you can go and blow all your money when it comes to radio advertising because it doesn’t give you the desired level of results,” says Deimira. 

Deimira says one of the most important things to have for your business is a trust factor indicator, and this is exactly what he specializes in. 

When Deimira audits a business for one of his clients, the first step he takes is searching for the business on Google. 

“I check your Google rating, I check what you have on Facebook, and I check what you have on other platforms.” 

At that point, Deimira Baidoo provides custom advice to his clients about what they can do to improve their marketing strategy and begin attracting new clients. 

What Deimira is ultimately trying to do is much more than provide marketing advice – he’s providing his clients with tips in the digital space so that they can ultimately transform and grow their businesses to new heights. 

“If you grow your business by 20 percent, in some time, that 20 percent can also catapult your income by forty percent,” says Deimira. 

Deimira is always focused on the big picture when it comes to marketing and growing businesses, doing his best to drive long-term growth. He says it all starts with small actions that drive business growth and that often stems from a solid marketing and sales strategy. 

“Sales is what has helped me achieve my success today, and it has helped me understand the importance of thinking differently and how to think outside of the box.” 

At the end of the day, growing a business comes down to a robust marketing strategy, and that means a digital presence today. Along with a strong sales process and a determination to scale your business, you can set yourself up for success. 

Deimira Baidoo wants business owners to understand that trust indicators are some of the most important aspects of running a business. Business owners should always be aware about how they are perceived by their prospects, and audit their own business from the customer’s perspective. 

What else do business owners need to have? 

Deimira Baidoo says, “You need to have love, you need to have belief, you need to have patience.”

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