Dejitaru Tsuka Gains Traction as Rumors of Shiba Inu Connection Circulate

Their twitter headline reads “the Dejitaru Tsūka Dragon will bring wealth and wisdom to its believers, and instill fear & terror in the hearts and minds of those who question,” but what is Dejitaru Tsūka and what’s all the fuss about?

Rumors have been circling that the project is led by the Shiba Inu Founder, Ryoshi. If there is a connection, the ongoing success of Shiba Inu may translate well for the project.

News from Shibarium recently announced Shiba Inu’s new layer 2 protocol. Shibarium’s layer 2 is a collective blockchain that scales and invites solutions, innovation, and security to the Decentralized Finance Space.

Since the beginning of February, Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) is currently up over 95% and the interest seems to come from speculators in the community piecing together the potential tie. If you click on the linktree associated with Tsuka you will see a link to Tsuka: Ryoshi’s Journal, a series of inspirational messages that are inscribed on the Ethereum blockchain. Whether this forms a factual link, no one knows.

With 290k followers on twitter, and not a single tweet, it is unlikely the connection between Ryoshi and Dejitara Tsuka will ever be fully confirmed. The supply of $TSUKA is 100% in circulation and there are no Dev or marketing wallets and no presale. The contract is also renounced, and liquidity is locked.

This is a community run project that offers a message. The website explains that “Japanese lore destine the Dejitaru Tsuka dragon to breathe vast stores of wisdom and prosperity to all who embrace its ferocity and strength. It is the harbinger of abundance and wealth.” The project seems to embrace the spiritual view of decentralization and crypto and they even hold guided mediations within the group.

The Dejitaru Tsuka blog is another piece of the puzzle and some SHIB fans say that the writing is reminiscent of Ryoshi while also using his twitter profile image.  While none of this is concrete evidence, the rumors seem to be enough to fuel excitement.

Shiblulz, a member of the TSUKA community, also wrote a medium article explaining the hidden cyphers and clues in the blockchain that potentially tie the project to Ryoshi.

Whether the connection is valid or not, the riddles, the community, and the vibe surrounding the project are worth watching. As the crypto market matures truly decentralized and community ran projects will continue to catch the eye of the Web3 community.

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