Delianna: Living The American Dream

Delianna came to the US at 14 and moved to Queens in New York, where she became a student at Richmond Hill High School. Like many high schoolers, these years weren’t easy on her, but the hurdles Delianna had to overcome were far higher than those of other teenagers.

It was while she attended High School that she had to move into an NYC shelter because her home life had become difficult and her siblings were facing financial difficulties that left Delianna in the lurch.

Fortunately, Delianna didn’t allow these difficulties to hold her back from a bright future. Delianna has always been a highly motivated person, and so she set her ambitions high. She didn’t want to live that way forever – she wanted to create the lifestyle she knew she deserved.

Delianna knew she had one major asset she could use to create this life – her intelligence, exotic beauty, and incredible physique. Delianna has an incredible figure, and so she naturally appealed to modeling.

Delianna fast became popular modeling in music videos for the likes of Rick Ross, French Montana, Meek Mill, Flo-Rida, Robin Thicke, 50 Cent, Jason Derulo, and the world-famous billionaire rap star and designer Kanye West. Delianna’s unique look perfectly fit in in their videos.

Delianna quickly became a name and face that was easily recognized, and she was able to grow her name, becoming highly sought after as a model. She featured in photoshoots with megastars such as Kim Kardashian.

Unfortunately, all this recognition wasn’t enough to pay the bills, and so she also worked as a waitress at a top club where tips would reach as much as $20,000 a night, and became one of the main bartenders at Starlets night club in NYC. Fortunately, because of her time working on music videos, many of the stars who came through the door already knew her.

Delianna had come far from the young girl who had to sleep in shelters and ate government handouts. Fortunately, there was far more for Delianna to do.

Delianna invested in an upscale nail salon in Inwood, New York, and many of the high-spending clientele from Starlets came to her salon, as well as her co-workers. Delianna keeps the salon’s pricing at something the average New Yorker can afford, so that anyone who wants to get their nails done at Le Crème Nail Spa has the opportunity to do so.

Since opening Le Crème Nail Spa on the center of Dyckman St., the salon has been a success from the moment Delianna opened the doors. In fact, in that first month they had the pleasure of serving the incredible Cardi B.!

All this success hasn’t made Delianna forget where she started, however. Delianna is one of the humblest women out there, and continues to strive for something better every single day. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit NYC hard, Delianna stepped up and provided meals to families in need, borough by borough.

This isn’t the only kind-hearted thing the young and beautiful Delianna has done, and she will surely do more in the future.

Delianna has bright plans, and currently owns the Le Crème Nail Spa and her own skincare line, DU Skincare. Delianna has already achieved incredible success in just a short time, and is definitely a star to watch for the future. To follow Delianna’s journey, join over half a million followers on her Instagram account, @officialdelianna.

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