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Demi Mann on Self-Care, her Indian Heritage and a Playing Superhero

Demi Mann is drawing attention thanks to her Instagram and talents as a classically trained actress in Hollywood. The British-Indian beauty, who has had roles in Skyfall, Echo Boomers, Starblessed, The Tesla Adventures and Emergency LA as the lead, has her heart set on playing Superhero Zantanna Zatara in DC Comic films.

“I just love action, playing a Superhero & Magic,” she says, laughing brightly. In her new film Room, Demi Mann plays a powerful lead role as Sanjana alongside Bollywood actor Parvin Dabbas.

Action/adventure movies appeal to Demi in part because of the physicality of the storylines. “I love running, kicking – you name it, I’ll do it,” she says. “I’ve always been like that. When I was a child, my parents sometimes didn’t know what to do with me.

I wouldn’t say I was sliding down the banister, but there were times when my mother told me to go outside and run around so I could let off energy. I liked riding bicycles, climbing trees, and dancing. Now, as an adult, I am still that way, and being in a Hollywood action film would be incredible.”

One of the actor/producers Demi would most love to work with is Dwayne Johnson. “His movies are excellent,” she says. “I loved him in Furious 7 and in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. His films are full of suspense and are tightly paced, and he is known in the industry as being very professional and one of the greats. I could learn a lot from him.”

One of Dwayne’s films Demi would love to be in is Big Trouble in Little China. “It’s going to be a remake of the 1986 movie,” she says, “and it’s going to be a blast to make. It’s got this epic supernatural battle underneath Chinatown in San Francisco, so there will be a lot of impressive martial arts skills on display.

I love these kinds of storylines that have exotic, mysterious settings. ” Demi Mann was delighted that she actually auditioned for DC Films Black Adam. Set 5000 years ago, Black Adam is an upcoming American superhero film.

Superheroes is a big deal for Demi, from DC Comics to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Scorpion King also interests her. “I watched it so many times”, she says, and imagined herself being in the ancient world it was set in. Demi also auditioned for Disney’s Aladdin for the role of Jasmine.

The roles that Demi has played has allowed her to grow in confidence and she’s grateful for that. “Sometimes we can be tough on ourselves with the expectations that we have and wanting to fulfil them.

Everything is so fast in this day and age, and I genuinely feel like I’m evolving every day. It’s very important that I check in with myself and make sure that I’m good and kind to myself surrounding myself with positivity.” For Demi Meditation really helps and walking or running. Self-Care is an important message for women.

Being a family orientated person, surrounding herself with her family and simple pleasures like Indian Food are essentials for happiness. Demi loves to eat different Indian foods, a diet that is healthy. Born in the United Kingdom to Indian Punjabi parents, Demi is Indian and can speak fluent Punjabi and Hindi along with her native English. Her sense of style reflects her Indian Heritage as she loves to wear Saris, Lenghas and Indian Jewellery.

With many more doors opening, Demi Mann’s career is advancing and she is happy there are more opportunities for women of color in the industry. Demi Mann has these movie star qualities, beautiful exotic looks yet she is down to earth, simple, hardworking with relatable notions, a rare combination.

You can find Demi’s new projects on IMDB, her website, meta facebook and twitter. Demi Mann has an impressive over 165k followers and counting on Instagram, where her pictures and videos often go viral. Demi sweetly says, “I’m so excited for viewers to see me on the big screen”.

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