Dennis Schwager, Despite His Massive Success, Works at His Store and Loves to Sell Products

Dennis Schwager did not start his career thinking he’d own a business someday. In 2011, Dennis had decided to train as an industrial mechanic. However, soon enough, he realized that he would not be able to do anything groundbreaking as an industrial mechanic. It was then when he decided to take things up through his hobbies. Dennis already had a YouTube account, which had many followers. As he realized he could not get anywhere with his training, he took a chance with his hobby.

Shisha Stabil, Dennis’ YouTube channel, is where it started. Since Dennis was short-staffed and still had to go to his training, Dennis’s water began to help him. Dennis could not get a large loan, so he started with 8000 € worth of products only. He found a small space and set up his store. On the day of opening, Dennis had worried if he had made a mistake. Thankfully, Dennis saw a large crowd. With his YouTube channel as inspiration, he created Shisha Cloud. His business grew massively in the next few years. Dennis’ father would run the store before Dennis returned. In the beginning, he could only hire two temporary employees for a couple of months only. After five months, he could finally hire full-time workers. Despite huge success, Dennis still works at his store. He owns an R8, and still, he unloads the boxes for his store, he works around the store and sells products to customers.

Dennis finds his entrepreneurial journey successful and happy. He says that he would always love to work and would continue to take part in his own business. Now, Shisha Cloud has stores and franchises, thanks to Dennis’s hard work. Dennis feels that his motivation to do better is to provide better customer support and to continuously take his business a step further than his competitors.

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