Dentist Olivia Pieterson, a Specialist Dentist Speaks on Oral Health

She was inspired by her father and by discovering with him that dentistry goes far beyond a smile, Olivia Pieterson, from London, decided to become a dentist. Today, at just 36 years old, the professional has stood out as one of the big names in the segment.

“Oral health is extremely important for the individual’s general health, as the mouth participates in several processes in our body, such as the digestive and respiratory systems, among others. When we guarantee the quality of oral health, we can reduce absenteeism and also increase productivity, as healthy and happy individuals produce more”, says the dentist.

Graduated from King’s College London, with a postgraduate degree in Orthodontics at the University of Michigan (USA), Olivia works as an orthodontist, a dental specialty that corrects the position of teeth and maxillary bones improperly positioned. Very dear to her patients, the professional says that one of the “secrets” to her popularity is in the relationship she creates with each person:

My goal as a dentist goes far beyond just correcting smiles. I like to see my patients as a whole and not just a mouth. Each one of them has a complaint, an expectation, a story and knowing this strengthens my ties with them, guaranteeing great results, good collaboration and a relationship of trust. Oral health is also related to self-esteem and well-being. The way human beings see themselves when they smile interferes with their relationships. People who are satisfied with their smile (in the aesthetic sense) have better development in all areas of their life.

She is also an Invisalign Doctor, that is, a professional accredited to Invisalign, one of the most modern methods in orthodontics, which uses sets of transparent trays made to measure for each patient. “This is state-of-the-art technology to treat smiles efficiently, quickly and aesthetically, through a sequence of transparent and removable aligners, which the patient changes at home.

They are used to correct the smile and even for small skeletal corrections in patients in the growing phase. By not needing the use of brackets and wires, it allows the patient and the professional a more comfortable, more aesthetic and faster treatment”

The orthodontist also explains that although transparent aligners are a success among adult patients, as they are more comfortable and more discreet, it is also suitable for the elderly, young people and children.” Invisalign aligners are no longer the future, but the present of orthodontics. Their use has been extended day by day, and the company’s numerous research and investments in technology, combined with all the knowledge of the orthodontist, ensure a quality result that is differentiated in the market.

Success also on social media

The dentist’s charisma surpasses the barriers of the offices. On her Instagram profile, there are already more than 30 thousand people following her personal and professional routine: “I use social networks a lot to show my daily life and my work. I get numerous questions about treatments. I always make a point of answering questions, or, depending on the case, I explain the need for a consultation.”

More about Olivia

Olivia is always present at national and international dental events. Since 2013, she attends every year the American Congress of Dentistry. She became an Invisalign certified in 2016 and for four consecutive years, in order to keep up to date with what is happening in the sector, she took an advanced course in Orthodontics at New York University.

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