Dentist Turned Social Entrepreneur Benjamin Bocio Richardson is Working to Provide Sustainable Healthcare for all

Dr. Benjamin Bocio is a 24-year-old dentist from the Dominican Republic living on the island of La Hispaniola, working hard to reduce the inequality in the sustainable healthcare system. He is a healthcare provider and social entrepreneur who wants to create an equitable healthcare system for all by providing sustainable primary resources like healthcare, education, and nutrition to low-income communities.

Benjamin Bocio believes that by striking a balance between equal educational, nutritional, and healthcare provisions in the underprivileged regions a perfect world of equal opportunities can be created. He is working to make medical and educational facilities easily accessible to poverty-stricken people. He is also putting in the effort to eradicate children’s malnutrition not only on the island of La Hispaniola but throughout the world.

It all started in 2010 when Dr. Benjamin Bocio was only 14 years old. Haiti was badly damaged in a severe earthquake that left the island of La Hispaniola devoid of basic necessary services. To help the vulnerable population of the island, Benjamin Bocio and his father founded a non-profit organization named FUMEBO (Fundación Médica Bocio). This NGO has served more than 75,000 low-income people with quality healthcare facilities, nutrition, and education over the last 10 years. FUMEBO aims to remove all kinds of inequalities to provide sustainable resources to the whole world. Dr. Benjamin Bocio works with FUMEBO to collect resources from the privileged places in the world and redistribute them to poor and needy populations.

Besides his charity works to uplift low-income communities, Dr. Benjamin Bocio has been recognized for his social entrepreneurship as well. He was selected in 2019 to address a crowd of over 2,000 young leaders at the One Young World Summit that was held in London. The summit was based on the Plenary Session: “Can Innovation Solve Economic Inequality?” It was graced by eminent global figures like Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.

Again in 2020, Dr. Benjamin Bocio was awarded with the title of an “Emerging Leader” under the patronage of King Mohamed VI of Morocco. The title was awarded by the Policy Center of New South. Vital Boxes helped more than 2,500 children from underprivileged communities on the island of La Hispaniola with sanitation kits, personal hygiene products, and food.

Dr. Benjamin considers his approach to be based on the Robin Hood model as he focuses on equal provision of health and nutrition facilities in affluent and economically backward regions. He believes that if the world can provide better nutrition, education, and healthcare to the emerging generations, then they will be able to overcome all obstacles. During the course of his initiative to create equal sustainable resources for all, he has also faced many challenges of dejection and disbelief. With his strong will and indomitable spirit, he overcame all of them to follow his heart.

Dr. Benjamin Bocio graduated from the University of Dominican Republic where he studied dentistry. He wishes to pursue a 2-year advanced standing program at Boston University to further his initiatives to create sustainable healthcare facilities for the deprived people all over the world.

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